10 Underrated Destinations You Need To Visit

The idea of exploring this beautiful planet is exciting. Interestingly, we tend to lean towards famous destinations that sometimes leave us dissatisfied due to overcrowding.

If this is your experience, it is time you considered some lesser known destinations that still deliver on excitement and adventure.

Here is a list of the world’s top 10 underrated places.

1. The Philippines

10 Underrated Destinations You Need To Visit

The Philippines is the ideal location for a beach getaway, but many choose to flock to neighbouring Thailand and Indonesia. It is made up of about 7,000 islands; there are plenty of white sandy beaches and clear turquoise water to go around.

The country has numerous natural attractions such as parks, caves and waterfalls. You will also get to experience a great cultural adventure.

2. Bolivia

10 Underrated Destinations You Need To Visit

Bolivia has always had to compete with its neighbours to attract tourists because it is landlocked. What it lacks in pristine beaches, it makes up in other ways.

It has some of the most magnificent landscapes. You can hike the Andes Mountains or go deep into the Amazon forest just like the explorers in the past.

Other attractions include: the salt flats, The silver mines of Potosi and the numerous volcanoes that dot the landscape.

3. Mozambique

10 Underrated Destinations You Need To Visit

If you are looking to get away from crowded beaches, Mozambique is the place for you. This country is relatively undeveloped as compared to its neighbours due to years of civil war. It, however, boasts of about 1,500 miles of sheltered beaches where you can relax and engage in activities such as scuba diving and snorkelling.

There are plenty of wild animals to see at the Niassa Reserve. You can also learn about the history of Mozambique and explore a little bit of their culture.

4. Albania 

10 Underrated Destinations You Need To Visit

Ruins of Rozafa Castle in Shkoder Albania

Relatively unknown, this small Balkan state is an ideal holiday destination. Tourists get a chance to explore ancient Roman ruins and castles that reflect its history. The country prides in its cuisine and an amazing mountainous scenery.

For the beach lovers, Albania has 380 miles of coastline with beaches that are less crowded than its Mediterranean neighbours.

5. Bhutan

10 Underrated Destinations You Need To Visit

Bhutan is relatively young in tourism having opened up its doors to outsiders about 40 years ago. Get to explore the history and culture of the Himalayan Kingdom by visiting this country in South Asia. This culture-rich nation gives tourists the feeling that they have stepped into another age.

Some of the attractions include: a visit to the Taktsang Monastery to get a better understanding of Buddhism and hiking in the mountains while enjoying the scenery.

6. Honduras

10 Underrated Destinations You Need To Visit

Panoramic view of the Roatan Island Honduras

Teeming with biodiversity, Honduras is an often overlooked destination. Many tourists choose to go to neighbouring Costa Rica.

The country has magnificent beaches that you will enjoy. Nature lovers can visit the Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve to catch up on the diverse plant and animal life.

The Copan ruins are a good place to learn more about the Maya civilization.

7. Sierra Leone

10 Underrated Destinations You Need To Visit

Bureh beach on a sunny day in Sierra Leone

Even with its violent past, this African country is considered a haven for tourists. The people are friendly and welcoming, eager to share their lives and culture with strangers.

While here, get to enjoy the well-preserved beaches, diverse wildlife and beautiful scenery. Going up the high peaks in the country will enable you to appreciate the scenes better.

8. Iceland 

10 Underrated Destinations You Need To Visit

The land of ice and fire fell off the tourism radar due to economic woes. It is a great destination for those who appreciate the outdoors. Get to learn the history of the country through visiting the numerous museums and also engaging in Viking folklore.

The Blue Lagoon is a must visit for the ultimate natural spa experience. It is located in a volcanic area, and the water is heated up by geothermal activity. Getting into this hot water will help you to relax and enjoy your stay.

As you travel through the country, be sure to appreciate the landscape that was shaped by ice.

9. Turkmenistan

10 Underrated Destinations You Need To Visit

Sandy desert Karakum.The landscape of the Central Asian desert in the summer heat

It is understandable if you are unable to find this country on the map. Located in Central Asia, Turkmenistan is not a popular tourist destination.

The country has a unique landscape that is mostly desert. You get to travel in style, riding a camel, as you explore the various sights such as oases in the Karakum desert and the Yangykala Canyon.

Turkmenistan has various underground lakes and craters formed through the volcanic processes in the area.

10. Poland

10 Underrated Destinations You Need To Visit

Tourists often overlook Poland as just another country in central Europe with no distinct attractions. Its architecture sets it apart from its neighbours. The buildings still stand even after the second world war and the threat of communism.

Polish towns are rich in history; take the time to savour the charm that cities such Gdansk and Krakow offer. Be sure to interact with the locals and experience the Polish culture.

Away from the major cities, stunning landscapes confront you such as the sand dunes at the Slowinski National Park. The Tatra mountains are a good place to go hiking as you enjoy nature.

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