the 10 most visited countries that are actually dangerous

After publishing the World’s 10 Safest Countries to Visit in 2016, I wondered how the most visited countries in the world were doing, safety wise.

According to the 2016 Global Peace Index, they are actually not all very safe destinations! They are not the worst, but still, they could do better. And yet, people choose these destinations over and over again, even if violent crimes or terrorism occur.

What does it tell us? Obviously, we are ready to accept to face some kind of risk when visiting these countries. Maybe they are too stunning not to go, or we make ourselves believe that if other people are willing to travel there, they can’t all be wrong!

Let’s see how world’s 10 most popular destinations are ranked, and then you’ll make your own informed decision if you’ll go.

1. France

France_Cassis_Calanques of Port Pin (family) - Copy

The #1 most visited country in the world, France, is actually #46 in the ranking of the safest countries. In comparison, Malawi is safer to travel, at #45. Will this rank affect your plans to visit the Eiffel Tower?

2. United States

natural world wonders

How are the United States doing, when it comes to safety? It is #103. Sorry for bursting the bad news.

Before we traveled to Sri Lanka and Malaysia last winter, a lot of our friends were worried for our safety, yet those 2 countries rank #97 and #30 respectively. So why are those people willing to visit New York City anytime, but judge our travel plans to truly much safer countries? Their perception, even if it is far from the true reality, becomes their own reality. But that doesn’t make it safer.

3. Spain

14 | The Alhambra, Granada, Spain

Spain is actually quite safe, at #25. Alongside with Croatia (#26) and Slovakia (#24), these 3 amazing countries are very much visited, and safe too. And beautiful!!

4. China

june best destinations

Sorry for the breaking the news, but Uzbekistan is safer at #109 than China is at #120. Yet, China is the 4th most visited countries in the world!

5. Italy

Italy_Cinque Terre (family) - Copy

Italy is popular, and it is quite safe to visit at #39. In comparison, Botswana is safer at #28. But Italy has so many astonishing vistas, finger-licking food, delicious wines, and amazing history, it all makes sense that it’s that sought after.

6. Turkey

Turkey_Cappadocia (family) - Copy

With the latest terrible events, it’s no surprise to anybody that Turkey is now a dangerous place to visit at #145. When I think we travel around Turkey when I was pregnant! Things can change quickly, unfortunately.

7. Germany

7 | Berlin, Germany

At #16, Germany is one of the few popular countries that is also safe to visit. Let’s hope it will stay that way for a long time!

8. United Kingdom

Outdoor & Adventure... United Kingdom

The UK isn’t that bad, at #47. Even though Sierra Leone at #43 and Ghana at #44 are safer, a trip to the Beatles’ land is a must, and quite safe too.

9. Mexico

Watch the sunrise at Tulum's Mayan ruins, Mexico

Mexico isn’t only about beautiful beaches and amazing Maya ruins. At #140, it is more dangerous to visit Mexico than Burundi (#138) and Iran (#133). That’s very sad 🙁

10. Russia

17 | Saint Petersburg, Russia

According to the 2016 Global Peace Index, Russia (#151) is even more dangerous to visit than North Korea (#150). What more is there to say?

What do you think? Are you willing to take risks to travel to these amazing countries?

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