Your travel photos in a frame? It’s good, but “already seen” and boring. Allow me to leave out the introduction this time, because I’m really excited to present you, without further ado, 10 ways to use your travel photos to energize your decor.

Photo garland

Gather your best Polaroid-type or old-fashioned developed photos and create a photo garland.

What you will need:

  • Jute twine (or other type of twine)
  • small clothespins

Hang your photos with the small clothespins along the jute twine, then attach the ends of the twine to a wall.

Do you want to create rhythm in your room? Arrange the string to create a pattern:

Another method is to get or make a frame and attach the string to the back and then hang your photos on it.

If you’re the original type, have fun with the string layout like in this photo.

Why not put your photos in the spotlight with this luminous pin garland from Vasmok? Your photos are sure to grab attention.

Be creative! You can use a string of Christmas lights or any other strings of lights and hang your photos on it:

I love these two examples that use wood. It adds a rustic and organic side.

Pennants garland with personalized photos

Smartphoto offers a totally awesome personalized product! A pennants garland on which you can print your photos.

Perfect for a child’s room or for any room that lacks personality, this garland will bring originality while displaying your sweet memories.

Go to the site to create, from your most beautiful photos, your garland of pennants

Cork board mounting

Many have a corkboard that’s no longer needed, or if you are still using it, its use is boring like to add work notes.

Give a second life to your cork board or “pimped” it with family photos, travel photos, etc.

What you will need:

  • A cork board
  • A lots of Thumbtacks!

The layout of your photos is according to your preferences and personality. Do you like balance and things well organized? Then, go for a structured layout like in this photo:

Are you marginal and prefer “an organized jumble”? Then, go wild with a more random layout by adding other meaningful elements for you, like quotes and even small decorative items.

Frame and photos

Who said we could have only one photo in a frame? I suggest you put several in a frame to create an energizing effect.

What you will need:

  • A frame of your choice
  • Photos, A lots of photos!

P.S. Your frame doesn’t have to be as big as those in the examples. But admit that the effect is striking!

Photos stick to the wall

Classic, but still effective! However, the way to paste the photos is only limited by your imagination:

Photo tapestry

Sticking a few photos on the wall is fine. Sticking several together is Wow! Do you want an accent wall in a room or do you want to give life to a wall that lacks a little je ne sais quoi? A photo tapestry will create the “Wow” effect that you are looking for.

What you will need:

  • Glue
  • Photos,  A lots of photos!

Obviously, this method is “ permanent ”. It will not be possible for you to change the photos according to your moods, unless you peel them off.

If, as in the examples, you want your wall picture to last, opt for a quality glue. You wouldn’t want to have to restick the pictures that peel off every week.

Photos on macrame

Do you love the boho and bohemian look of hanging macrame? Add a little”pizzazz” by pinning photos to your macrame:

What you will need:

  • Photos
  • A macrame decoration that we suspend

Photo in a frame

Of course, there is the good old frame to put your photos in. Let me show you some original and fun ways to arrange your frames:

What you will need:

  • Lots of frames
  • A lots of photos

Clock photos

Isn’t that original! Whether your photos are glued on the wall or in a frame, this option, in addition of being useful, will not fail to remind you of the time spent creating the sweet memories that you will have immortalized in images.

What you will need:

  • Photos
  • A clock mechanism

World map and photos

Finally, I offer you a photos and world map combo.

If you didn’t already know, I draw beautiful personalize world maps.

It is therefore possible to recreate the concept above with one of my world maps and your photos.

What you will need:

  • One of my world maps (or a world map of your choice)
  • Your photos
  • String and thumbtacks (to link your photos to destinations on the map)

I offer you my beautiful wooden thumbtacks:

And for some color, my custom watercolor world map:

With this article, you won’t run out of original ways to use your travel photos to energize your decor. I invite you to share your most beautiful montages with me and who knows, they could end up in one of my next blog articles.

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