14 Shocking Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Holiday Family Vacations

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… and it’s also the time for holiday travel with the family. We have to admit that traveling with kids during this season can be a total nightmare because of the jam-packed airports, long lines, and meltdowns.

We’ve all had our fair share of mistakes when traveling for the holidays and sometimes it might even completely ruin our holiday cheer. Here are those you need to avoid:

  1. Don’t book the day of the holiday.

There’s nothing more stressful than a crowded airport. If you can afford to fly a few days in advance of the holiday and leave a few days later, then do so. With fewer people and lines, you’re sure to have a much easier time at the airport. You can also choose to fly out of a smaller, regional airport if you need to leave during peak holiday times.

Don't ruin your holiday family vacations: don't mess with the schedule

Photo credit: Dakota Corbin

  1. Don’t run out of food.

As with any trips, never forget to bring food. It is essential for your family’s survival during long hours in a car or on a plane. Be more creative and prepare seasonal-themed snacks your kids will surely enjoy.

  1. Don’t forget to have a potty plan.

If you’re traveling with a potty-trainer, make sure to always have a potty plan in mind. You can always limit their water or juice intake before departure or bring a travel potty. For long car trips, you can bring with you a waterproof car seat insert.

Don't ruin your holiday family vacations: don't forget to have a potty plan

Photo credit: Karl Fredrickson

  1. Don’t be pocket-less.

Pockets are lifesavers especially when you’re in a rush. You can always pick out whatever you need without ruining your bags. Bring along anything that has pockets, like pants, backpacks, and vests. They also have to be lightweight and easy to pack.

  1. Don’t have to get checked twice at the security line.

Consider investing in TSA Precheck to save you from all the stress of going through security lines with your kids. It’s truly a wise investment with an $85 application that is good for five years.

  1. Don’t get lost in the airport.

Download an app like GateGuru to help you go around the airport with ease by checking the airport map, dining options, and other airport amenities. You can also consider downloading your airline’s app so you can also check flight status, checked luggage, gate changes and other real-time information.

  1. Don’t travel without fully charged electronics.

With all the gadgets we own, the wisest thing to do is to always have all our devices fully-charged before departure. Don’t forget to also bring chargers, battery packs, ports, and extra power banks.

Don't ruin your holiday family vacations: don't pack diapers

Photo credit: Guillaume de Germain

  1. Don’t pack diapers.

Why waste your extra luggage space with diapers? Maximize free shipping or promos by shipping your Amazon order directly to your holiday destination.

  1. Don’t mess with the schedule.

When traveling, even though it can be difficult, try your best not to mess up with your kids’ schedule. You can book flights during their bedtimes so they are asleep during the entire journey. Even when you arrive at your destination, don’t forget to stay on schedule.

  1. Don’t forget the iPad.

Bringing an iPad can definitely entertain your kids during waiting time or a long flight. Download their favorite movies before your trip to ensure that the kids will never get bored. Why not bring a headphone splitter so you can watch with them?

Don't ruin your holiday family vacations: don't forget the iPad

Photo credit: Hal Gatewood

  1. Don’t forget the assistance of magical friends.

Every kid loves their grandparents. You can always tell your children that Grandma and Grandpa are always watching when they’re acting up. These secret friends can help you during flight delays or anything bad that can happen during your trip.

  1. Don’t forget the toys.

Nothing makes children happier than new toys. Entertain your kids any time of the year with new toys, games, puzzles or even a book. The newness of the toys will surely make them happier. Stash a few toys and give them during times that you need to cook or clean the house.

  1. Don’t forget to pack the first aid kit.

No matter where you’re going, never forget to bring a first aid kit with all the essentials like bandages and medicines. Traveling and the cold season is the perfect equation for a cold or flu.

  1. Don’t take pictures of every little moment.

Put down the camera and enjoy the moment. Going through all your photos afterward will be a lot less difficult, and memories will stay forever in your heart.

What is your favorite tip for successful holiday family vacations?

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