best flight of your life

I like to fly. I like it a lot. I like the fact that we do nothing for a couple of hours. In real life, I’m busy all the time, that’s why I like it so much. There are still some annoyances, but most of them can be avoided. Here are some tips to help you have your best flight ever!

  • If you can choose your seats, here are the most comfortable ones on a plane:
    • Away from the engines, to sleep better
    • Over or near the wings, the smoothest place for turbulence
    • As near to the front as possible, so you get off quicker, meaning less stale-smelling air and often less time in immigration queues
    • Away from the lavatory, to avoid the smell!
  • You have heard it before: drink tons of water, and bring your own bottle, since flight attendants can easily refill it. You will probably have to go to the lavatory a couple of times, so it will help you with the next tip.

Plane inside

  • Move as much as you can: walk to the lavatory, stretch and flex your toes and calves at your seat, stand at the back of the plane, so you don’t develop blood clot.
  • You can also wear compression socks to avoid deep vein thrombosis (DVT).
  • If your health, values and wallet can afford it, drink a little bit of red wine, since it increases blood circulation. But avoid excessive amounts of alcohol, tea and coffee.
  • Chew gum, yawn or wear special ear plugs when the plane is taking off or landing to regulate ear pressure. Generally, taking a decongestant with pseudoephedrine at least half an hour before your flight helps keep ears unblocked. If your baby is traveling with you, nurse or give him or her something to drink.

Plane inside (2)

  • Use sanitizer to wipe off your tray table, the armrests and the push-back button of your seat, since the cleaning crew don’t clean them systematically.
  • Bring a travel pillow or use the head restraint to avoid neck discomfort during the flight.
  • If the air dryness is getting the best of you, drink lots of water, use eye drops, nasal spray, moisturizer, mineral-water aerosol spray and lip balm to ease the discomfort. And wear your glasses instead of your contact lenses.
  • You can always use your toothbrush/toothpaste, a moist wipe and deodorant to refresh after a long flight.
  • Your seatmate wants to chat and you don’t, or is snoring loudly? Always bring with you ear plugs, an eye mask and headphones so you don’t have to comply.
  • Worst of all, if your seatmate stinks, share with him or her a mint or chewing gum. You can also dab under your nose some vapor rub!

Plane inside (3)

  • Wear comfy and loose clothes, and layers. This doesn’t mean you have to wear sweat pants: a scarf, boyfriend jeans, cool boots, a cami under an easy shirt… you get the picture.
  • If you want to recline your seat, please check first that the passenger behind you isn’t using his laptop on the tray table and you don’t break it. You don’t want to get him angry and revengeful so that he pushes your seat for the rest of the flight.

Have a nice flight!

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