17 Tips To Choose The Best All Inclusive Family Resorts

Your family vacations are very precious, you want everyone to have a blast while staying safe, and you don’t want to pay a fortune for your family holidays.

What’s your best option?

If you are yearning for a little luxury without the bill that goes along with it, for a lot of fun activities without the trouble of planning everything, and for some relaxation time without feeling guilty about it, I honestly think your best solution is to stay at an all inclusive resort.

Now your next biggest challenge will be to pick the best all inclusive family resorts. Given the number of resorts available, you probably feel like you could use some help.

That’s why I listed here the top 17 tips to help you choose the best all inclusive family resorts!

The Best All Inclusive Family Resorts

1. Best all inclusive family resorts on Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is the most popular travel website for a good reason: they give us access to millions of hotel reviews from unbiased travelers. On Trip Advisor, you’ll learn which resort has free Wifi only in the lobby, which beach is overrun by algae and which rooms are the cleanest.

The first step you should take when looking for the best all inclusive family resorts is to narrow down your search for “family-friendly” hotels at your desired destination.

For example, on our last trip to Cuba, we chose the Melia Marina Varadero, upon checking their Trip Advisor review.

2. Advice from friends and relatives

Do you trust your best friend? Of course you do, otherwise, she wouldn’t be your BFF!

Why don’t you ask her which all inclusive resort she and her family liked the most? She’ll be more than happy to tell you all about the pros and cons of all the resorts she ever stayed at. Perfect excuse for a girls’ sushi night!

Best all inclusive family resorts

3. High repeat guest rate

Is there a better sign of higher customer satisfaction than going back at exactly the same all inclusive resort over and over again with your family?

You can ask your travel agent which all inclusive family resorts get a high repeat guest rate, or find popular resorts that have a high percentage of repeat business on Sunwing’s website.

Activities, entertainment, and food

4. Activities

I bet your kids never stay still for more than 10 minutes at a time, and they want to be entertained all day long!

The best way to burn tons of energy, make you and your kids happy is to choose all inclusive family resorts with a lot of activities.

And I’m not talking here about building sand castles (even though that’s what my little girl likes the most). All inclusive resorts now offer plenty of cool activities, like water parks, surf simulators, arcade games, DJ classes, and much more.

Kids' activities at the best all inclusive family resorts

5. Entertainment

The Kids might enjoy grownups shows and entertainment, but they get so much more excited when entertainment is designed for them!

All inclusive family resorts understand that more than ever, and some are already offering magician shows, kids party, dance party and a lot more for the happiness of our little ones. Look for the best all inclusive family resorts that bring kids’ entertainment to another level, and watch your children smile from ear to ear!

Entertainment at the best all inclusive family resorts

6. Shallow and calm water

A must if you want to relax at the beach instead of having to monitor your kids’ every movement, is shallow and calm water.

Besides being safe for young kids, it’s also a great setup to introduce your little ones to snorkeling!

And if you have an older kid, a tween or a teen that wants to surf big waves, choose an all inclusive family resort that offers a surf simulator (see tip #4 above).

Shallow and calm water at the best resorts for families

7. Learning Experiences

Of course, as supermoms, we want our kids not only to have a ton of fun, but also to learn new things and discover how great our world is!

That’s why you could look at cultural or animal-friendly excursions, such as visiting a turtle farm, taking a local cooking lesson or visiting ancient ruins.

8. Kid-friendly food

Kid-friendly food at the best family resorts

All kids have different taste when it comes to food, and let’s be honest, some are picky eaters. Being on a family vacation often means letting go of the little things, and we usually let go of the “healthy eating”.

Lucky for us, and for our precious Emma-Kate, a lot of all inclusive family resorts now provide a yummy and healthy variety of kid-friendly food options.

Money and Amenities

9. Free for kids

How much are you willing to pay for a perfect all inclusive family vacation? Most of us can’t afford the top end resorts… unless there’s a good deal!

But not all deals are created equal. Some tour operators promote that kids don’t pay, but how many kids are allowed per adult? Only one? Are there blackout dates, such as Christmas, Spring Break, and March Break?

If I were you, I would search for a “kids stay, play AND eat free” kind of deal.

Kids stay free at some best family resorts

10. Deals for teens

From 13 years old, most resorts consider your kid as an adult. It means that for a family of 4, including 2 teenagers, a family vacation will cost as much as for 4 adults! This might make you choose a staycation instead!

Again, some tour operators, such as Sunwing, extend exclusive deals to teens all year long.

11. Single parent supplement fee

Single parents shouldn’t suffer supplement fee. Don’t you think they carry enough on their shoulders already?

12. Big and extended families

Going on a family vacation with the grandparents, the aunts and uncles or any extended families are a fast growing trend right now. There are also more and more couples who choose to have more than 2 kids. That’s why rooms and suites spacious enough for families of 5 or extended families are in demand more than ever.

That’s why, if you are planning an all inclusive family vacation with your tribe, choose your resort in advance to have access to more options.

Spacious rooms at the best family resorts

13. Hotel and room amenities

Traveling with kids, and even more important when on a trip with a baby, kitchen amenities can be a lifesaver.

And I don’t know about you, but even if my family has plenty of clothes to last a week and I’m definitely not planning on doing laundry, there’s always a piece that gets dirty too fast or someone wants to wear “a princess dress” again and again, even though there’s ketchup on it! That’s why laundry services or facilities, again, are essentials.

Safety and health

14. Kids’ clubs

Kids clubs can be fun for everyone if we all feel safe and secure. If it is possible, stay with your kid a little while at the kids’ club. You’ll then know how well your precious little one will be taken care of, what security measures are taken and how trustworthy you consider the supervision.

Shaded kids pool at the best family resorts

15. Kids’ pool

Our kids’ skin is so fragile and the sun can do so much damage, that I always look for a kids’ pool with a shaded area. It is such a simple setup, and it can make the difference between hours of non-stop play and not so fun frequent stops for applying sunscreen.

16. Allergies

More people than ever suffer from allergies, and food allergies are specifically daunting in a foreign country.

If one of your family members has food allergies, it would be important to look up which all inclusive family resorts implemented a foolproof way to serve you safe meals.

The best all inclusive resorts deal with allergies

17. Medical care

The last but not the least, fast availability of good medical care could be an important matter to you.

You will probably never need it, and we wish you won’t, but in case of an emergency, knowing that you can get access to good medical care, fast, can mean the world to you. This might not be a matter of which resort is the best for you, as much as if the resort is located near a good hospital or medical care center.

Yes, a perfect all inclusive family vacation at a stunning resort is what you deserve. Choosing the best one to meet all your specific family needs will make it or break it. I wish you a great family holiday!

17 Tips To Choose The Best All Inclusive Family Resorts


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    Great things to keep in mind! I’ve never been to an all inclusive

    • Dominique Lessard

      Thanks! We are also used to travel on our own, but all-inclusives allowed us to relax more.

  • leslie

    These all look so fun! It’s making me miss summer!

  • justine

    this is such a great list!
    my family and i have been meaning to travel to an all inclusive resort some time soon once our schedules line up — i love those because you don’t have to worry about ANYTHING!

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    These are great tips thanks for sharing!

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    Love this, this is a great list of things!

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