26 Best Tips to Survive a Plane Crash

I am not afraid of flying. Statistics says that you have 1 in 20,000 odds of dying from a plane crash, while you have 1 in 100 odds of dying from a car accident. So flying is safe. Well safer [...]


12 Tricks to Beat Jet Lag

Oh… jet lag… In my opinion, it’s the only boring thing about travelling. And it is so boring because, for me, jet lag is worse when I get back home; I usually feel great when I get to my [...]


Brazil at a Glance

Brazil is a land of superlatives: it is the 5th largest and populated country in the world. Sao Paulo is the 6th most populated cities in the world. Twenty percent of the planet’s fresh water. [...]


3-Week Philippines Travel Itinerary

Forget one moment the typhoon that destroyed a part of the Philippines last year; Philippine is a paradise on earth, consisting of an archipelago of 7,107 islands, with genuinely caring people. I [...]



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