Top 10 Friendliest Countries on Earth

Making friends abroad is one of the most unforgettable experience we can have on a trip. Those friendship will stay with us, long after we are back home. Let’s open our heart and let’s connect [...]


World’s Clearest Waters to Swim In

Every type of travelers, backpacker, fancy, adventurer, families… all want one thing when it comes to swimming: we all want the clearest water, crystal turquoise clear warm water. Where to go? [...]


Ultimate Top 10 City Breaks

Is there something more exciting than to decide at the last minute to have a dazzling city break weekend? Those cities will surely give you more than you even wish for!


Launch of my New Shop!

I have launched my new shop this morning! I am so happy and thrilled to show you! I have worked so hard, for such a long time... you have no idea.

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