Okay, I agree: vacations at home will never be as great as a vacation discovering new places. But we don’t really have a choice, this summer, do we? 🙁

Let’s focus on the bright side: a staycation could be a nice vacation your family needs this summer. You don’t need to worry about jet lag, the stress of packing, or spending thousands of dollars when you stay close to home. We have 30 tips staycation that’ll get you excited.

1. Drink Up

You don’t need to travel to an exotic place for a festive beverage. Make fun drinks at home with your blender. Shake up a rum cocktail or go with an agave spirit.

2. Water-Game Day

Get a plastic pool, a sprinkler, the hose, water guns, and water balloons for a day of water games. Bust out the swimsuits and sunscreen, and get to the competitions.

3. Cook A Wild Meal

Bring the cuisine of Italy and Rome to your table. You can check out local markets for some of the top-of-the-line ingredients. You can tune into some online cooking lessons to learn to whip up some of the most fun meals.

4. Experience Nature

Nature is all around us. Find a great local trail and go on a little hike. Pack a picnic basket and a blanket.

5. Go To Your Home Spa

Get out things like sugar, coconut oil, olive oil, essential oils, and make yourself a body scrub. Set up your bathroom with a steam shower complete with a pitcher of cucumber water to hydrate.

6. Turn Off The Phone

Play like you’re out of the country and can’t turn on the phone. Don’t check social media or the news. It’s time for a total escape away from the entire world.

7. Relax Outside By Candlelight

Getting outside on a nice summer night is perfect. Get some tealights or candles to accompany you. You can read a book, turn on some tunes, or just relax.

8. Home Room Service

One of the best things about vacation is being taken care of by room service. Get others in the house to take turns serving each other in bed and cooking breakfast.

9. Buy A Souvenir

Buy a new set of coffee mugs or some new wine glasses. You can drink out of your coffee mugs or sip out of your wine glasses on your staycation.

10. Aromatherapy Spa Bathroom

Select a few calming essential oils for your warm bath. You can burn some candles as you sink into your tub of dreams.

11. Grocery Store Splurge

Usually, vacation means spending a lot of money at restaurants. Splurge on your own food. Check out amazing loaves of bread, trendy desserts, expensive alcohol, and specialty meats.

12. Try A New Cocktail

Specialty cocktails can be found in your home bar. Go for a new kind of wine. Think of your favorite drinks on vacation, and put your own spin on them.

13. Be A Hometown Tourist

There’s probably cool places right in your hometown. Check out the places you take for granted. You have little hotspots just waiting for you to explore.

14. Get A Maid

You’re saving money, so get someone to clean your house for a few months. A luxury of your staycation means you get to stay in a fresh house.

15. Take Lots Of Photos

One of the greatest things about vacation is photos. Take pictures outside relaxing, in the kitchen making new dishes or of your relaxing movie night.

16. Go To The Lake

The lake is like a vacation only a lot closer. Go fishing, rent a boat, explore local trails, or just sit lakeside.

17. Volunteer

Volunteering for your favorite cause will give you a boost. It’s different than your everyday life. Find something that is refreshing to your soul.

18. Have A Film Festival

Pick a theme for your film festival. Rent some movies or find them on your favorite streaming service. Get your favorite candy, popcorn, and drinks.

19. Buy Yourself A Plush White Robe

You shouldn’t reserve the plush, white robe for hotels only. Buy yourself a french terry or cotton robe for lounging on your staycation.

20. Take A Backyard Camping Trip

Nature is in your backyard waiting under the stars. Pack a few snacks and get together your supplies for smores. Don’t forget your bug spray and flashlight for scary stories.

21. Block Party

Organize a block party for everyone in the neighborhood. Make it a potluck and everyone brings their favorite drinks. You can even rent a few bouncy games for the kids.

22. Local Festivals

There are usually (maybe not during the pandemic, though) all kinds of local festivals, events, and farmer’s markets. Get out there and support all of the local fun.

23. Pick Some Fruit

Look up local places to pick berries and other fruits. Depending on the season, you can usually freeze them to eat throughout the year.

24. Visit Local Parks

There’s usually parks full of hidden creeks and neat trails near your home. Often we just never think of them as we drive on by. Take a picnic and explore.

25. Try Kayaking

Take a kayak or canoe to your favorite local body of water. It’s peaceful, and you’ll get a good workout.

26. Hire A Massage Therapist

Get a massage at your own home. Many times day spas will send out a therapist for a home visit. Get pampered in your own living room.

27. Visit Local Museums

There’s history to be found a few miles away. Check out your local museums for a lesson in education. You might find yourself having a lot of fun, too.

28. Find A Hotel Deal

Tips staycation has to include finding a hotel down your street. Pack up and spend the night away as if you’re a million miles away. Cozy up in the fresh bed and enjoy room service.

29. Take a Class

Take a class to learn a new skill. You can learn to cook a gourmet meal, learn to work with wood, or take a history course.

30. Check Out Books

Visit your local library to stock up on books or magazines. Kick back in your relaxing space and jump into the pages.

What’s your favorite way to enjoy a staycation?

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