Sitting at a cafe with Elizabeth, a longtime friend I have known at work, I listen to her unravel the highly distressing situations that she will face in the near future. I sympathize. It is indeed VERY SCARY:

“No, but Dominique! Is that me or does it look like everyone was born in January? There will be the birthday of my niece who will be 8 years old on the 2nd. That of my teacher friend on the 9. That of my friend who lives in Barcelona and who has just given birth on the 17th, that of my favorite office colleague on the 24th, that of my best friend “I do sports all the time” on the 31st in addition to the wedding anniversary of my sister and her husband who said yes to each other last spring in Mexico”.

“There is nothing to say! Your weekends will be busy!” I noticed.

“The problem isn’t that my weekends will be busy Do! The problem is buying presents for all these beautiful people! I just worry about having to find them all THE perfect gift! ”

She didn’t know it yet, but I had THE perfect gifts for her 😉

Gift Idea for Children

“Tell me, for your niece, is she your brother’s daughter who travels all the time?”


“My hand-drawn, personalized world map for kids would be perfect! She will be able to pin all the trips she has taken and any future trips on her map. She will be sure to recall her fondest travel memories, dream of the next destinations she wants to visit or think of her beloved aunt every time she walks by in her room. ”

“Lovely idea! Could you personalize it with the little name I like to give her: mini-fairy?”

“What about this for her personalization: ‘Mini-fairy’s adventures around the world’?”

“It will be perfect!”

Gift Idea for Teachers

“For your teacher friend, it’s easy! Some of my hand-drawn world maps come with a teacher’s license. More than a gift, you offer her a useful and artistic tool for teaching geography to her students.”

“No kidding ? But it’s awesome!”

Gift Idea for New Moms

idées cadeaux originales

” Hold on! I also have what you need for your new mom friend in Barcelona. I draw a world map on which I identify with a heart the birthplace of the child who, for your friend, would be Barcelona. She can then mark all the places she has visited as a family on the map.”

“It’s so much the kind of attention that touches her the most! If you tell me you have something for my office mate, I fall off my chair!”

Gift Idea for Coworkers

idées cadeaux originales

“Hmm. Let me think! Since your office is in Montreal, how about a map of the metropolis that I could personalize with the location of your office?”

” Yes! But it would be even better if you also wrote on the map: the place where I found the best co-worker in the world.”

“He’s going to be happy for sure!”

” Yes! Of course, who wouldn’t? Okay! Now surprise me with my athlete friend!”

Gift Idea for Athletes

idées cadeaux originales

“He already did the Ironman at Mont-Tremblant it seems to me, hasn’t he? ”

” Yes, you’re right! ”

” Well! It’s obvious ! You need my personalized Ironman Mont-Tremblant map on which I will identify the race segments with different colors: blue for swimming, green for cycling, and red for running. In addition, it can be printed on high-quality paper or wood. I like wood for the rustic look and it would remind him of the feat he achieved in the great outdoors!”

“It’s perfect ! Well now Do, I can’t wait any longer for you to offer me something for the last present. The one for my sister’s wedding anniversary!”

Gift Idea for Couples

idées cadeaux originales

” It’s simple! A personalized wedding world map where I identify the location of their wedding with a heart!”

As you know, they met at my sister’s internship in Sydney 5 years ago. I would suggest putting a small heart on the map in Montreal and Sydney to indicate their place of origin, a large heart in Mexico to indicate their wedding location, and adding what they both said in their wedding vows: Our love has no boundaries.”

“If I were your sister, I would be really moved! What you just shared with me is why I wanted my maps to be personalized. ”

“You just dropped my anxiety level from 120% to 0%. How do I order these gorgeous maps? ”

“It’s simple! You go to my Easy Travel Planet shop and once the order is placed, you will receive everything delivered directly to your home!”

“Dominique! You save me! Shall we have another coffee soon? Because, guess, March is another scary month of present-giving!”

“With pleasure my dear!”

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