6 Types of Vacation Moms You’ll See this Summer

We‘ve all been witnessing weird mom behaviors on vacation at some point, and even if all moms are different, a lot have quite the same characteristics.

One of them can be too noisy at the beach, too much present or you haven’t seen her at all, only her kid playing out there with the kids’ club.

Now maybe you will recognize some of your friends, your sister or even yourself because even if no one is telling us the truth, we know that we can be sometimes annoying and panicking, but at the end, every mother has a good heart and means only the best for her children.

Can you guess what kind of mother I am?

The 6 types of vacation moms

Vacation moms: the schedule mom

The Schedule Mom

This mom has planned out every day of the vacation months ago. She is the one with the maps, the flyers with attractions and the tourist guidebooks. She has planned out every single hour of your 10-day vacation, so don’t you dare try to ask for a “free activity” without your family! You are going everywhere together, no excuses accepted!

Vacation moms: cocktail time mom

It’s Cocktail Time Mom

You can hardly see this type of mom around her children all day. She is maybe one of the most relaxed people at the hotel, but I bet that she desperately needed this vacation. You will see her at the beach, with sunglasses on and a Pina Colada in her hand, having a day off at the fitness center, or the spa at the resort. The all-inclusive vacation in a fancy resort is her favorite type of “travel”: drink all day, while the children are at the kids’ club!

Vacation moms: alarm mom

The Alarm Mom

At some point, we all are “alarm moms”, trying to be a role model and teach our kids to stay away from risky ways. We can hear her saying:

“Don’t forget to drink water so you stay hydrated” or

“Apply the sunscreen good and everywhere… don’t forget your shoulders, otherwise, you’ll burn! “

Of course, they don’t mean anything bad for their children, we are all guardian angels for them, and if we don’t look out after them, who will?

The Pic Mom

Yes, we have seen her. She is going everywhere with the camera, trying to catch spontaneous moments and to make professional photos of her children at the beach. Then she sends every single picture to her best friends group on Instagram, to her parents and of course, all of these precious memories must be shared on Facebook! We all want to save some memories from our vacation because kids grow up too fast, memories fade in our head quickly, so having photographs of these days is something very precious. But no need to lose the whole day trying to catch the “perfect photo”.

Vacation moms: Over packed mom

The Over Packed Mom

Traveling with kids is definitely not the same as traveling alone with your partner. You must think about everything, and if you forget something, well it can be pretty stressful. But, there is always that mom who has a lot of huge bags of clothes, food, and toys. She takes everything with her, not only at the hotel but at the beach too. In case her children ask for “that particular toy”! There is no need to take the whole house with you, just take the things that you think are most necessary to have a peaceful trip.

Vacation moms: make some new friends mom

The Make Some New Friends Mom

This is me! I’m this kind of mom! When you go on vacation, well you hope that there will be a lot of other kids and yours won’t ask you every 5 minutes to play with you while you desperately try to relax for only 2 minutes. So, these types of moms will spot right away any group of children and will encourage hers to play with the others and have fun! You can hear her saying: “Honey, don’t be shy and go make some new friends.” She might repeat this phrase several times a day, so she can have a few minutes, maybe hours of peace of mind. That way, these women as myself can choose what game we’ll join in the fun!

What kind of mom are you? Please comment below and don’t be shy!

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