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A little bit about me

I’m Dominique, a travel passionate who quit a high-paid corporate job to help young families create deeper bonds through travel. Along with my husband, Clinton and our little adventuress, Emma-Kate, we are discovering with gratitude this big, beautiful world through incredible adventures.

I indeed quit a very secure, highly paid finance job, that I actually liked. My coworkers were great, and I had amazing benefits. But I wasn’t happy: all I kept thinking about was how I could help young families to get out of their comfort zone and get out of town, book a flight, and go on an adventure.

I am an average person, and I only have bad hair days. I am afraid I will get sick abroad, or a hurricane will hit, or my little girl will get kidnapped. But I have learned to overcome my fears, by planning and organizing our travels like an expert.

We traveled to 43 destinations already, and we strongly believe that we can raise our kids to become thankful and open-minded adults through travel, as well as creating deeper and stronger family bonds exploring the world together.

Be part of the Easy Wander Tribe, and discover tons of very useful tools so you become the travel expert!

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You are what’s most important to me

Enough about me… now it’s your turn!

You may be wondering what are the best tips to survive a long flight with a baby, or how your precious little one will react to jet lag.

Maybe you think traveling with a toddler is too stressful or tiring.

Your kid’s allergies are daunting, or his “terrible two” attitude is too much to bear abroad, you fear.

The thought of your precious child getting sick or lost, far from home, may be keeping you awake at night.

Family vacations are nothing but relaxing, you might think.

Well, you are right! Yes, all these fears can become problems for your family travels if you don’t address them, plan to overcome them and organize satisfying alternatives for all family members.

We won’t tell you to sell everything, buy a van and go travel the world. We haven’t done that yet, so we are not in a position to advise you on this matter.

Baby steps, my friends!

You are dreaming of long, sunny days, on a white sand beach, relaxing and enjoying each other’s company and creating deeper and stronger family bonds? You can make it happen.

Are you aspiring at raising your kids to be thankful and open-minded? You can make it happen.

Or maybe going on a safari in the African savannah is what makes your heart pound fast. You can make it happen.

Is your goal to visit as many countries this beautiful world has to offer? You can make it happen.

One step at a time. With the right tools. Planning it right. Doing it right.

We are here, for you, to coach you and help you with every little detail that will make a big difference, and make your family travel a success. We are here to provide you tons of useful tools to make you the travel expert.

And your precious kid will grow and thank you one day that you didn’t give up on your fears and introduced him or her to the best learning experience there is: TRAVEL!

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