Le monde des adaptateurs de voyage et des prises de courant à l’international est un sujet déroutant.
Voici la liste complète des adaptateurs de voyage par pays.
À noter que bien que ce tableau contienne des notes en anglais, les images parlent d’elles-mêmes.

PaysVoltageFréquenceAdaptateursCommentaires (en anglais)
Afghanistan220 V 50 Hz F C* A variety of plugs is used around the country. In Kabul, Types C and F are common. Type D may also be found in parts of Afghanistan. There are voltage variances from 160V to 280V.  
Afrique du Sud220 V / 230 V 50 Hz M* Types C and G may still be found in some areas. In Grahamstad, Port Elizabeth, and King Williams, voltage is 250V.  
Albanie220 V 50 Hz F C* Voltage may vary in Albania.  
Algérie230 V 50 Hz F C* A Type C variant may be found. It has a ground post offset about ½-inch from center.  
Allemagne230 V 50 Hz C F
Aller220 V 50 Hz C* In Lome, the voltage is 127V.  
Andorre230 V 50 Hz F C
Angola220 V 50 Hz C  
Anguilla110 V 60 Hz A  
Antarctique220 V 50 Hz C F  
Antigua-et-Barbuda230 V 60 Hz A B  * In the airport area, the voltage is 110V.  
Antilles néerlandaises127 V / 220 V 50 Hz F A B* In St. Martin, 120V 60 Hz is found. In Saba and St. Eustatius, 110V 60 Hz is found, with Type A and possibly B found.  
Arabie Saoudite127 V / 220 V 60 Hz A B G F
Argentine220 V 50 Hz C I  * The neutral and active wires are reversed from what is used in Australia and other countries. This reversal is also found in Uruguay.  
Arménie220 V 50 Hz F C  
Aruba127 V 60 Hz B A F  * Around Lago Colony, the voltage is 115V.  
Australie240 V 50 Hz I* Australian outlets are typically controlled by an adjacent switch.  
Azerbaïdjan220 V 50 Hz F C  
Bahamas120 V 60 Hz B A
Bahrein230 V 50 Hz G  * In Awali, the voltage is 110V, frequency 60 Hz.  
bande de Gaza230 V 50 Hz H
Bangladesh220 V 50 Hz D G A K C
banque de l'Ouest220 V 50 Hz C
Barbade115 VV 50 Hz B A
Belgique230 V 50 Hz E  * Type C receptacles are prohibited in Belgium, but a C-style plug can be used with E and F receptacles. All double-insulated appliances are fitted with a C plug and may be used in compatible receptacles C, E, F, and narrow L.  
Belize110 V / 220 V 60 Hz G B  
Bénin220 V 50 Hz E  
Bermudes120 V 60 Hz A B  
Bhoutan230 V 50 Hz G D F* Type M plugs may also be found.  
Biélorussie220 V 50 Hz C F
Birmanie (Myanmar)230 V 50 Hz F C G D* Type G is primarily found in the better hotels. Some major hotel chains offer multipurpose outlets, which accept Australian 3-pin plugs and other types.  
Bolivie220 V / 230 V 50 Hz C A  * In La Paz and Viacha, voltage is 115V.  
Bosnie Herzégovine220 V 50 Hz C F  
Botswana231 V 50 Hz M* Type G is also rarely found.  
Brésil110 V / 220 V 60 Hz B A C* Outlets are often a combination of Type A and C, and can accept either plug. In the states of Bahia, Parana (including Curitiba), Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais, voltage found may be 127V, though 220V is probably found in hotels. Fortaleza has 240V.  
Brunei240 V 50 Hz G
Bulgarie230 V 50 Hz F C* Outlets are generally Type F, but both Type C and F plugs may be found.  
Burkina Faso220 V 50 Hz E C
Burundi220 V 50 Hz E C
Cambodge230 V 50 Hz A C* Some outlets in Cambodia are a combination of Type A and C, and can accept either type of plug. In some hotels, Type G may be found.  
Cameroun220 V 50 Hz C E
Canada120 V 60 Hz A B
Cap-Vert220 V 50 Hz C F
Chili220 V 50 Hz L C
Chine220 V 50 Hz I A G* The official plug of China is similar to Type A, but is slightly shorter and without holes in the blades. Type A and I outlets are common, and Type G may also be found.  
Chypre240 V 50 Hz G
Colombie110 V 60 Hz B A  
Corée du Nord220 V 50 Hz C
Corée du Sud220 V 60 Hz F C* In offices and hotels, Type F is most likely found. 110V power with Type A and B plugs was previously used, but is being phased out and likely only found in older buildings. Some hotels offer both 110V and 220V service.  
Costa Rica120 V 60 Hz B A
Côte d'Ivoire220 V 50 Hz C E
Croatie230 V 50 Hz C F
Cuba110 V / 220 V 60 Hz B A C* Some outlets are a combination of Type A and C and can accept either type of plug. Most older hotels have a voltage of 110, but newer ones have 220V.  
Danemark230 V 50 Hz C K* Type C plugs fit into Type K receptacles, but the opposite is not true. Denmark’s connectors have standard pin diameter and spacing, but its outlets may have different housing depths which may interfere with standard adaptors.  
dinde230 V 50 Hz F C
Djibouti220 V 50 Hz E C
Egypte220 V 50 Hz C B A
Emirats Arabes Unis220 V 50 Hz G
Équateur120 V / 127 V 60 Hz B A
Erythrée230 V 50 Hz C
Espagne230 V 50 Hz J C F* In Barcelona’s Barrio Gothic, voltage is 120V 60 Hz using Types C and F plugs. Step-up transformers are required to use typical European devices.  
Estonie230 V 50 Hz F* In older buildings, Type C may be found. Type E plugs work in both Type C and Type F outlets.  
États Unis120 V 60 Hz A B* Type A and Type B plugs are used for 120 volts. Type A has been phased out, but rarely seen. Type B plugs are in all new buildings and houses since the 1970's.  
Ethiopie220 V 50 Hz J D L
Fidji240 V 50 Hz I
Finlande230 V 50 Hz F C
France230 V 50 Hz E* Type C outlets may be found in older buildings, as well as Type A (though Type A is illegal). Type C plugs are found on some appliances, and will fit Type E outlets.  
Gabon220 V 50 Hz C
Gambie230 V 50 Hz G
Géorgie220 V 50 Hz C
Ghana230 V 50 Hz G D
Gibraltar240 V 50 Hz G C
Grèce220 V 50 Hz C E F
Grenade230 V 50 Hz G
Groenland220 V 50 Hz K C
Guam110 V / 220 V 60 Hz A B
Guatemala120 V 60 Hz B A I G
Guinée220 V 50 Hz C F K
Guinée Bissau220 V 50 Hz C
Guinée Équatoriale220 V 50 Hz E C* Voltage may vary anywhere between 150V and 175V. Outages are frequent.  
Guyane240 V 60 Hz D B A G* Actual voltage may vary from area to area. In the capital of Georgetown, both 120V and 240V at either 50 or 60 Hz may be found, depending on the area of the city. 50 Hz is the more common.  
Haïti110 V 60 Hz B A
Honduras110 V 60 Hz B A
Hong Kong220 V 50 Hz G M* Type M has been replaced by Type G, but may sometimes still be found.  
Hongrie230 V 50 Hz F C
Île de man240 V 50 Hz G C
Îles Caïmans120 V 60 Hz A B
Îles Cocos (Keeling)240 V 50 Hz C
Îles Féroé220 V 50 Hz C K
Îles Mariannes du Nord115 V 60 Hz B A
Iles Marshall110 V / 220 V 60 Hz A B
Îles Pitcairn240 V 50 Hz G
îles Salomon240 V 50 Hz D C
îles Turques-et-Caïques110 V 60 Hz A
Îles Vierges américaines115 V 60 Hz B A
Îles Vierges britanniques220 V 50 Hz D  
Inde230 V 50 Hz C D* A variety of electrical plugs are found throughout India, so an all-around adaptor plug set is recommended. Type D is most common. Some hotels have desks and workstations which accept a variety of plug types. But no matter what type of plug, voltage in India is 230V 50 Hz.  
Indonésie220 V / 230 V 50 Hz G C F* Indonesia recently converted to 220V/230V. Type G is still seen, but is not commen. Converters from Type G to Type E are available in most local hardwarde stores.  
Irak230 V 50 Hz D G C
Iran230 V 50 Hz C
Irlande230 V 50 Hz G* Type D was once common in Ireland, and may still be occasionally found.  
Islande230 V 50 Hz F C
Israël230 V 50 Hz C H
Italie230 V 50 Hz L C F* Type L plugs and outlets may have different pin size and spacing than standard. The smaller, closer pins are for a 10 A current; the bigger, wider are for 16 A. Both kinds are in use in Italy and comply to the relevant Italian regulations. Some outlets have overlapping holes in order to accept older and newer types of Type L plug.  
Jamaïque110 V 50 Hz B A
Japon100 V 50 Hz / 60 Hz A B* Voltage varies based on area of the country. In the east (Tokyo, Kawasaki, Sapporo, Yokohama, Sendai), 50 Hz is found. In the west (Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Hiroshima), 60 Hz is found.  
Jersey230 V 50 Hz G C
Jordan230 V 50 Hz F J G D* In some hotels, Type C may be found.  
Kazakhstan220 V 50 Hz C
Kenya240 V 50 Hz G
Kirghizistan220 V 50 Hz B
Kiribati240 V 50 Hz I
Kosovo230 V 50 Hz C
Koweit240 V 50 Hz G D* Type D is used primarily for 15 A service. Type G is used primarily for 13 A service.  
L'Autriche230 V 50 Hz F  * Type C plugs or outlets may also be found, but they are rare.  
L'île de noël240 V 40 Hz C
l'ile de Norfolk240 V 50 Hz C
La Dominique230 V 50 Hz G D
La Moldavie220 V 50 Hz B C
La Slovénie220 V 50 Hz F C
Laos230 V 50 Hz E C F A B
Le Paraguay220 V 50 Hz C
le Portugal230 V 50 Hz F C
Le Salvador115 V 60 Hz B A
Les Comores220 V 50 Hz E C
les Îles Cook240 V 50 Hz I
les îles Falkland240 V 50 Hz K G
les Seychelles240 V 50 Hz G
Lesotho220 V 50 Hz M
Lettonie220 V 50 Hz C F
Liban110 V / 220 V 50 Hz G D C A B
Libéria120 V 60 Hz B A
Libye127 V 50 Hz D K* In Barce, Benghazi, Derna, Sebha, and Tobruk, 230V is found.  
Liechtenstein230 V 50 Hz J
Lituanie220 V 50 Hz F C
Luxembourg220 V 50 Hz C F
Macao220 V 50 Hz G D
Macédoine220 V 50 Hz F C
Madagascar220 V 50 Hz E C
Malaisie240 V 50 Hz G
Malawi230 V 50 Hz G
Maldives230 V 50 Hz G A K D J
Mali220 V 50 Hz E C
Malte240 V 50 Hz G
Maroc127 V / 220 V 50 Hz E C* Conversion to 220V is underway.  
Maurice230 V 50 Hz C G
Mauritanie220 V 50 Hz C
Mayotte220 V / 240 V 50 Hz F C E
Mexique127 V 60 Hz B A
Micronésie120 V 60 Hz A B
Monaco127 V / 220 V 50 Hz D F C E
Mongolie220 V 50 Hz C E
Monténégro220 V 50 Hz C F
Montserrat230 V 60 Hz B A
Mozambique220 V 50 Hz F C M* Type M is especially found near the border with South Africa, including the capital city Maputo.  
Namibie220 V 50 Hz M
Nauru240 V 50 Hz I
Népal230 V 50 Hz D C
Nicaragua120 V 60 Hz A
Niger220 V 50 Hz A C D E B
Nigeria240 V 50 Hz G D
Niue230 V 50 Hz I
Norvège230 V 50 Hz C F
Nouvelle Calédonie220 V 50 Hz F
Nouvelle-Zélande230 V 50 Hz I
Oman240 V 50 Hz G* Voltage variations are common throughout Oman.  
Ouganda240 V 50 Hz G
Ouzbekistan220 V 50 Hz C I
Pakistan220 V 50 Hz C D
Palau110 V / 220 V 60 Hz B
Panama110 V 60 Hz A B* In Panama City, the voltage is 120V.  
Papouasie Nouvelle Guinée240 V 50 Hz I
Pays-Bas230 V 50 Hz C F
Pérou220 V 60 Hz C A B* In Talara, voltage is either 110 or 220V. In Arequipa, the frequency is 50 Hz.  
Philippines220 V 60 Hz C A B* Type A is the most commonly found. A variation of Type B with horizontal prongs is also used (usually used for AC units), as well as a special outlet that allows use of most plugs  
Pologne230 V 50 Hz E C
Polynésie française110 V / 220 v 60 Hz A B* All electrical outlets in French Polynesia are protected by ground fail circuit interruptors (GFCI).  
Porto Rico120 V 60 Hz A B
Qatar240 V 50 Hz D G
République centrafricaine220 V 50 Hz C E
République Démocratique du Congo220 V 50 Hz C D
République Dominicaine110 V 60 Hz A* In some hotels, Type J may be found.  
République du Congo230 V 50 Hz C E
République Tchèque230 V 50 Hz E
Roumanie230 V 50 Hz F C
Royaume-Uni230 V 50 Hz G* Outlets are typically controlled by an adjacent switch. Though nominal voltage has been officially changed to 230V, 240V is within tolerances and still commonly found.  
Russie220 V 50 Hz F C* In new constructions, Type F is commonly found. Older structures have Type C.  
Rwanda230 V 50 Hz J C
Sahara occidental127 V / 220 V 50 Hz C E
Saint Barthélemy220 V 50 Hz E
Saint Marin220 V 50 Hz B
Saint Martin110 V / 220 V 60 Hz B A
Saint Pierre et Miquelon220 V 50 Hz E
Saint-Christophe-et-Niévès230 V 60 Hz D G
Saint-Siège (Cité du Vatican)127 V 50 Hz L C
Saint-Vincent-et-les-Grenadines230 V 50 Hz C G I E A
Sainte Hélène230 V 50 Hz D G
Sainte-Lucie240 V 50 Hz G
Samoa230 V 50 Hz I
Samoa américaines120 V 60 Hz A B I F
Sao Tomé et Principe220 V 50 Hz B
Sénégal230 V 50 Hz E C K
Serbie220 V 50 Hz F C
Sierra Leone230 V 50 Hz D G
Singapour230 V 50 Hz G* Type A adaptors are widely available, usually as an extension set of 2 to 5 sets of sockets most commonly used for audio/video equipment.  
Slovaquie230 V 50 Hz E
Somalie220 V 50 Hz C* In Berbera, voltage is 230V. In Merca, it is 110/220V.  
Soudan230 V 50 Hz D C
Sri Lanka230 V 50 Hz D
Suède230 V 50 Hz F
Suisse230 V 50 Hz J* Type C plugs are often found on appliances, and will fit Type J outlets.  
Suriname127 V 60 Hz F C
Svalbard220 V 50 Hz F C
Swaziland230 V 50 Hz M
Syrie220 V 50 Hz E C L
Tadjikistan220 V 50 Hz C I
Taïwan110 V 60 Hz A B
Tanzanie230 V 50 Hz G D
Tchad220 V 50 Hz E F D
Territoire britannique de l'océan Indien230 V 50 Hz G
Thaïlande220 V 50 Hz A C* Some outlets are a combination of Types A and C, and will accept either plug.  
Timor-Leste127 V / 230 V 50 Hz C F G
Tokélaou230 V 50 Hz I
Tonga240 V 50 Hz I
Trinité-et-Tobago115 V 60 Hz B A
Tunisie230 V 50 Hz C E
Turkménistan220 V 50 Hz B F
Tuvalu220 V 50 Hz C
Ukraine220 V 50 Hz C
Uruguay220 V 50 Hz L F C I* Because of increased computer use, Type F is becoming more common. Like in Argentina, Type I neutral and active wires are reversed from that used in Australia and elsewhere.  
Vanuatu230 V 50 Hz I* Some Type G installations may linger from the British Colonial period, but are rare.  
Venezuela120 V 60 Hz B A
Vietnam127 V / 220 V 50 Hz G A C* Standardization to 220V is underway. In newer hotels, Type G is found, especially those built by Singaporean and Hong Kong developers.  
Wallis et Futuna220 V 50 Hz C
Yémen220 V / 230 V 50 Hz A G D
Zambie230 V 50 Hz D C G
Zimbabwe220 V 50 Hz G D
Type A
Type A
Type B
Type B
Type C
Type C
Type D
Type D
Type E
Type E
Type F
Type F
Type G
Type G
Type H
Type H
Type I
Type I
Type J
Type J
Type K
Type K
Type L
Type L
Type M
Type M



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