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The truth is that very rarely can you predict what awaits you in life. Unexpected things happen all the time. Sometimes they are pleasant, and sometimes not. What you can do is to be prepared as much as you can.

The same thing applies to travels.

In the moments when you are excitedly planning a long-awaited trip to a desired destination, you seldom think of ugly things such as illness, a loss of passport or baggage.

Travel insurance is an excellent way to prepare in advance for any inconvenience you might encounter during the trip.

Very often people wonder whether travel insurance is worth paying for, and, if so, which one is the best.

Travel insurance is a wise investment in these cases

Travel insurance is just as important as any other form of insurance, if not even more important. Hardly anybody would dare to drive a car that is not covered by insurance.

Again, the same thing applies to travels.

When traveling to a country you are not familiar with, there are many inconveniences you might encounter along the way or even before the departure. Therefore, an important part of planning a route should be devoted to finding a travel insurance that meets your wishes and needs. If you are puzzled as I am about which one to choose, check out this quick guide.

travel insurance

One of the very common situations, where the purchase of travel insurance policies proved to be a very smart decision, is a canceled departure. Never mind if you personally are cheerful and enthusiastic, if you do not have any health problems nor are you thinking about them while enthusiastically packing suitcases, illness of a family member can totally disrupt your plans for the trip.

If someone in your family suddenly gets seriously ill or dies, travel insurance will cover your trip cancellation costs and provide you with a refund. Travel insurance Polis is a real life-saver if you suddenly need to go back from the road due to sudden illness or death in the family. It will reimburse unused arrangements and additional transportation costs.

People very often cope with sudden accidents or illness while traveling, and medical services abroad are generally very expensive. Food poisoning, allergies, worsening of chronic conditions, or sprains… these are the most frequent cases. And if you need hospitalization, complicated intervention or evacuation home under medical supervision… figures can rise to unimagined heights.

Travel insurance covers all the costs in these situations. Even if you are traveling alone and you happen to need to stay in hospital for a longer period, some of the policies cover the travel expenses for a family member who would be with you.

Anyone who has ever lost luggage, personal documents or money in a foreign country, will certainly confirm that buying travel insurance is one of the smartest decisions he has ever made.

It is important to pay attention to these things when buying a travel insurance

In order to be really secure and completely covered during the trip, it is important to pay attention to some details when choosing an insurance policy. This way you will avoid the embarrassment and negative surprises about which we often read in the press and online portals.

When choosing insurance companies and types of packages, it is very important not to run for the lowest price exclusively. It has been shown in practice many times so far what a great difference can be made by paying a few euros more or less, when you get into a situation that you need to charge travel insurance policy.

travel insurance

Make sure that the insurance policy in case of cancellation is signed by the insurance company as well. It often turns out that instead of getting back the cash, you just get a voucher for another trip, which would replace the canceled one.

It is important that on the policy you have written the phone number that you can call 24/7, whenever you require help or advice. For example, if you need urgent medical attention, you first have to call this number to check with which medical institution nearby the insurance company has signed a contract. If you go to the random one, it is possible that the cost of treatment will not be reimbursed.

After all, the answer to the question whether travel insurance is worth paying for is clear – yes, definitely. Always.

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Tanja, from, is a travel enthusiast from Serbia. She is also passionate about photography, art, and football.

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