Who says having a family should keep you away from living your dream? Traveling around the world is totally possible for families, and here are all the details on how to make it happen. This 6 week sample itinerary to Spain, Morocco and Turkey has been especially constructed for families with kids (more itineraries will come for families with babies and toddlers, and families with teenagers).

First, I chose kids-friendly and safe destinations. You won’t need special immunizations to visit Morocco, Spain and Turkey (though you should always visit your travel clinic a couple of months before your trip to make sure you’re all up to date with your shots). Those countries also offer activities and meals appealing to everyone.

Second, it’s important to make sure everyone will have a good time. A nice way to make sure everyone is happy, is to alternate between each family member’s activities. If mommy wants to visit a castle in the morning, maybe the kids will want to spend the afternoon hiking or daddy will want to try surfing.

One of the best moment to travel around the world with children is during their summer school vacation, so they don’t get behind their program. It may not be the best time to visit certain destinations, since summer can be quite hot and everyone is on vacation, so prices usually get high. You could also travel around the world during the school year. Children often return from an around the world trip with a reading level well above that of their peers. If they have fallen behind in other areas, it’s likely they will catch up quickly.

Traveling with kids is different than with toddlers and teenagers. Traveling around the world with children can be a real pleasure, although they can get bored easily. You also have to adjust your pace and slow down your schedule a little bit. Everything takes longer with kids, so you need to change your expectations of how much you do or achieve in one day. You’ll need to build in time for them to dawdle and get distracted. For example, you can plan a picnic at a park close to your morning museum visit, so your children can play, make noise and relax. You can always add to your schedule stops at parks and playgrounds, the beach, the zoo, or even the movie theater.

Traveling and experiencing other cultures will be as life-changing for your children than it will be for you, even if you won’t recognize the change at first. Maybe you won’t understand why your 10-year-old is not as amazed as you at the Alhambra Castle, but is instead more interested in the trees around it. You have to allow your kids to experience things in their own way. You might be surprised at the memories children take away, and the insights they will have on the culture and people they met. And as long as your kids find something that excites or interests them every day, no matter what it is, then you can be sure your trip will be a success.

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6 Week Itinerary In Europe, Africa and Asia

RTW Family Map Spain-Morocco-Turkey

6 weeks in July and August


US$19,245 for a family of 4
(see the details below)


Fly to Seville, and rent a car at the airport. In Seville, you can visit the amazing Royal Alcazar Palace, watch an impressive Flamenco show, and take a tour of the Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza (Seville’s bullring).

After a couple of days to stroll around and get used to the new time zone, drive to Granada (2h40 drive) and visit the Alhambra. You can end your Alhambra visit by taking a tour of the beautiful Generalife Gardens. Then, get to know Granada’s oldest neighbourhoods, namely Albaycin, Sacromonte, Realejo, with an electric bike tour. Their steep, narrow, cobbled streets make the electric bike an ideal way to get around. You can even hike the Sierra Nevada!

Then, head to Malaga (1h47 drive) by the A-44 and admire the gorgeous vistas of the Sierra Nevada. The vista from this road is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful one in the whole world!

Malaga is a joy to stroll around. You could also enjoy Nerja (56km East of Malaga), which offers 16 kilometres of beaches with powdery sand and sparkling clear water. All major water sports are available there, including water skiing, scuba diving and sailing.

After enjoying the beach and the sun, you could either have an amazing road trip and visit Los Pueblos Blancos (White Villages), and stop at Ronda on your way around this incredible 200km itinerary. Or you could head to Torremolinos, another gorgeous seaside resort with clean sandy beaches, a wide choice of hotels and restaurants and unparalleled variety of entertainment and activities available.

Finish your Costa del Sol tour by heading West to Algeciras, where you will leave your rental car at the port, board a ferry to Morocco, and have the nicest view of Gibraltar.


This is the part of your trip where you just sit back, and relax!

You board a train in Tangier that heads to Casablanca (5h ride), where you will have the opportunity to meet local people. When you will arrive at the train station in Casablanca, named Casa Voyageur, you take a taxi to Aïn Diab, siting next to a beautiful beach where you can enjoy nice cafés, playgrounds and shopping malls. After moving around a lot in Spain, this is the perfect place to settle down a little bit and just enjoy the seaside.

You can always visit Casablanca, cultural and economical Moroccan Capital: the Hassan II Mosque, United Nations Place, Mohammed V Square, the Central Market and the Royal Palace will all certainly charm you. You can even have a day trip to Marrakesh, where the temperature will unfortunately be soaring in mid July.


It’s now time to discover a wonderful Asian country: Turkey!

Fly from Casablanca to Istanbul, and visit Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia Mosque, the Blue Mosque and the famous Grand Bazaar. You will need a couple of days there to discover one of the few cities that is both European and Asian.

When you will have had enough of this incredible metropolis, fly to Kayseri, where you will enter Cappadocia, an extraordinary region in the middle of Turkey. You will then take a bus to Goreme, a magical little city where you can sleep in a cave! A lot of activities will be offered to you in Goreme: an astonishing hot-air balloon ride (totally worth it), trekking Rose Valley (a pink-colored valley of fairy chimneys and cave churches), visiting Kaymakli Underground City, taste some unique wines and visit Pigeon Valley (known for its pigeon houses carved from the cliffs and rocks), among others. You cannot be bored in Goreme!

Now don’t forget you have other amazing things to see and do! Fly to Antalya, to begin another unforgettable road trip, especially if you drive on coastal roads. The Turquoise Coast is definitely a must-see. If you are a history fan, a visit to Perge has to be on your to-do list. You will of course spend a couple of hours at one the beautiful beaches, or you can spend a day at the Aqualand, where you can see dolphins, or Dedeman Aquapark, the biggest aquatic park in the Middle East.

You can then head to Kas (3h drive), a more relaxed town where you can enjoy nice cafés and trendy shops. You can also take a boat ride to the neighboring islands. Oludeniz (1h45 drive) will then charm you with its blue lagoon and its sandy beach. It is also the perfect place to try paragliding!

Next is Pammukkale’s white cliffs (3h30 drive), another site you have to see with your own eyes. The children will love to bathe in the hot springs, and the sunset will obviously be a very romantic moment for the parents.

Final stop, Ephesus (2h50 drive) where you will visit the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and one the best-preserved ancient ruins in the Mediterranean. And there is lot of other amazingly well preserved ruins to see: the Great Theater and the Library of Celsus, among others.

That was the last part of your amazing trip around the world with the people you love the most! You can either fly from Izmir to Istanbul, or drive back to the Metropol (8h15 drive). Finally, you will fly back home from Istanbul.

How much it costs


New York to Seville
Casablanca to Istanbul
Istanbul to New York
$1435 per person

Istanbul to Kayseri
$50 per person

Kayseri to Antalya
$50 per person

$6140 for a family of 4
+ luggage fees

Prices may vary
Shop in advance to find the best deal
Read 8 Ways to get the cheapest plane tickets


Family-friendly hotel with a pool
Rooms with AC and kitchen
Breakfast included

$100 (14 nights)

$80 (7 nights)

$100 (20 nights)

$3960 for a family of 4


$50 per person, per day
e.g. Meal for 2, mid-range restaurant,
3 courses: $55

$20 per person, per day
e.g. Meal for 2, mid-range restaurant,
3 courses: $25

$20 per person, per day
e.g. Meal for 2, mid-range restaurant,
3 courses: $25

$4960 for a family of 4


Ferry from Algeciras to Tangier Med
$110 for 4

Train from Tangier to Casablanca
$175 for 4

Car rental in Spain
Full size car with AC, all included
Pick up at Seville’s Airport

Drop off at Algeciras’ Port
$600 + gas

Car rental in Turkey
Full size car with AC, all included
Pick up at Antalya’s Airport
Drop off at Istanbul’s Airport

$900 + gas

$1785 for a family of 4
+ gas
+ couple of taxi rides


$10 Average museum entry fee for adults
$3 Average museum entry fee for students

$7 Average hammam visit entry fee
$50 Average half-day guided tour

$10 Average attraction entry fee for adults
$13 Average boat day trip per person
$200 Hot-air balloon ride per person

$2400 for a family of 4



For a family of 4
+ luggage fees
+ gas
+ couple of taxi rides


If you like to plan and book as much as I do, here are all the links I would use to book this trip for my family.

Flights and Hotels

Ferry from Spain to Morocco
Direct Ferries

Train in Morocco

Car rental in Spain and Turkey
Economy Car Rentals


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