Being a busy professional should not keep you away from living your dream of an around the world trip. You want to see the world, but don’t have much time. You have the energy, but your boss won’t let you leave for more than 2 weeks. That’s OK!

You don’t need more than 2 weeks to see the best this world has to offer. Don’t settle for less. You deserve to have the best trip of your life! And when your boss and coworkers are going to see your travel pictures, they are going to be dead jealous!

This 2 week itinerary brings you the best of everything. It is the most diverse and complete trip ever. In Italy, you will discover awesome history, great food and wine and amazing fashion. Egypt will bring you fascinating architecture and history, incredible culture and splendid sand dunes. As for Kenya, you will obviously experience stunning animal encounters, live impressive adventures and maybe even get off the beaten path.

Shoulder seasons (fall or spring) are the best periods to visit. The sites won’t be too crowded, so visiting will go faster. And the weather will be lovely.

Since you only have 2 weeks to see the world, you will definitely want to take shortcuts. It’s not the time to be cheap and take the bus in between sites. Taxi rides will be your fastest bet, and tours will bring you the must-sees so you won’t miss a thing.

Direct flights, during the evening or at night will give you more time to visit during the day. Moreover, those three countries don’t have much time difference (there’s only 1h difference between Egypt and Kenya), so you won’t need time to adjust in between your destinations.

Yes, trust me when I tell you you can have an amazing around the world trip in 2 weeks. You will visit 3 of the most gorgeous destinations in the world, experience all kinds of activities and sights the world has to offer. This trip will be fulfilling and will change your life!

rtw around the world time crunch
Italy Travel Guide
rtw around the world time crunch
Egypt Travel Guide
rtw around the world time crunch
Kenya Travel Guide

2 Week Itinerary In Italy, Egypt and Kenya

rtw around the world time crunch itinerary

2 weeks in fall

Rome, Italy
Cairo, Egypt
Nairobi, Kenya

(see the details below)


Begin your Italian journey with a tour of the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica. You can even skip the long lines for St. Peter’s Basilica with special access directly from the Sistine Chapel when you book a ‘skip the line’ tour.

In the afternoon, head straight inside the Colosseum with a skip-the-line entrance ticket. Explore the first and second tiers of this must-see attraction with a guide, learning about the gladiators who competed in the Colosseum’s bloody games. Finish with a tour of the Roman Forum in Ancient Rome and admire incredible ruins, like the Temple of Julius Caesar.

On your second day, take a day trip to the Amalfi Coast, and discover the spectacular coastal vistas. Visit the gorgeous towns of Amalfi and Positano, and then head to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Pompeii – the ancient town that was blanketed beneath a sea of Mount Vesuvius’ volcanic ash for centuries.

On your third day, visit the very best of Tuscany on a full-day trip from Rome. Traveling to the stunning Val d’Orcia region, south of Siena, you’ll be introduced to a gorgeous landscape where medieval towns cling to rustic farms and sunny hills adorn the countryside. Visit Montelpulciano, Montalcino and the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Pienza, sampling fine wines and local delicacies as you go.

All these tours are available with Viator. I bought tours from them before, and I had a wonderful time. That’s why I suggest Viator to you, but feel free to book with whoever you want.


On your first day in Cairo, step back in time to the days of ancient Egypt on a tour of the Great Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx, the necropolis of Sakkara and the former capital, Memphis. You can book this tour with your own private Egyptologist guide to lead the way, so you can determine the amount of time you’d like to spend at each of the sites you’ll visit.

The next day, visit historical Alexandria, Egypt’s second-largest city. Travel to this beautiful Mediterranean coastal city, founded by Alexander the Great in 312 BC, to learn more about how it served as Egypt’s capital for nearly 1,000 years. Explore the spooky Roman catacombs of Kom ash-Shuqqafa; marvel at the new Alexandria Library, a disc-shaped wonder that honors the ancient library; and see medieval Fort Qaitbey where Alexandria’s fabled lighthouse once stood. Lastly, visit the National Museum, where Greek, Roman and medieval displays chart the city’s tumultuous past.

At night, you can enjoy a Nile River dinner cruise, gliding past Cairo’s illuminated skyline while you dine, with entertainment provided by a spectacular belly-dancing and folklore show.

Here again, I would suggest you book your tours with Viator, if you want an easy and wonderful experience.


I suggest you spend your days in Kenya the best way possible: going on a safari!

Go on a 3-day safari, and travel through the Great Rift Valley on to a safari lodge in Kenya’s premier wildlife reserve—the Masai Mara. Explore diverse wilderness crossing rolling plains spotted with famous acacia trees. Your game drives will be spread out over all three days, with excellent chances of seeing the Big Five—lions, leopards, buffalo, elephants and rhinos. The varied wildlife and natural environment, in addition to the culture of the local Masai people, come together to provide a spectacular safari experience.

For this incredible safari, I would suggest you book with Gap Adventures. My friends went on a safari with them, and they had an amazing time.

How much it costs


Direct flights for the
3 first segments

New York to Rome
Rome to Cairo
Cairo to Nairobi
Nairobi to New York

$4,137 per person
in Economy
+ luggage fees

Prices may vary
Shop in advance to find the best deal
Read 8 Ways to get the cheapest plane tickets


Downtown hotels
Near the major tourists sites

Rome, Italy
$300 (5 nights)

Cairo, Egypt
$150 (5 nights)

Nairobi, Kenya
$150 (2 nights, since you will be on a 3-day safari)



$120 per person, per day
e.g. Meal for 2, mid-range restaurant,
3 courses: $75

$40 per person, per day
e.g. Meal for 2, mid-range restaurant,
3 courses: $22

$40 per person, per day
e.g. Meal for 2, mid-range restaurant,
3 courses: $25

$1,000 per person


Average costs

3km taxi ride in Rome $11

3km taxi ride in Cairo $1

3km taxi ride in Nairobi $10

$440 for 4 rides per day


Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica Half-Day Tour $71
Ancient Rome and Colosseum Half-Day Tour $60
Pompeii and Amalfi Coast Day Trip $246
Tuscany in One Day Sightseeing Tour $146

Giza Pyramids, Sphinx, Memphis and Sakkara Tour 94$
Alexandria Day Trip $133
Nile River Dinner Cruise $62

Masai Mara Safari Experience (3 days) $1849

$2661 per person



Per person
+ luggage fees


If you like to plan and book as much as I do, here are all the links I would use to book this trip myself.

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