I have a confession to make. I am difficult, but with good reason! After having traveled the world and seen breathtaking white sand beaches, let’s say that I could not settle for Quebec’s pebble or sand beaches of ordinary brown.

You might tell me that being difficult isn’t a huge flaw. You’re right. Plus, I’m okay with it. As far as flaws go, it’s not that difficult to deal with. What is difficult is coping with the eternal disappointment I experience every time I go to the beach in Quebec. “This isn’t a beach!” I lament to myself.

In the same way that I travel the world, a friend of mine travels throughout Quebec and the neighboring provinces. During a conversation, as I shared with her my deep dismay that I might not be able to slide my feet in white sand, fine and warm, until next year, she replied, “You know what, Dominique? Maybe it’s maybe a good thing that you can’t go on a trip again this summer, because you’re about to discover some hidden gems that won’t disappoint. I promise!”

I said to her that she had a HUGE challenge ahead of her. Well! Believe it or not…she showed me some wonderful photos…and I was not disappointed. Quite the contrary, I was blown away and curious, to the point that this summer, I plan to visit each of these beaches and satisfy my need for white sand.

Will you, like me, be visiting these golden, almost white sand beaches this summer?

Sandbanks, Ontario

plage québec

In Prince Edward County, on the shores of Lake Ontario, you will find the Sandbanks Provincial Park. With its 7 miles of beach and 5 miles of dunes, it’s not surprising that this destination is one of the most popular with Quebecers looking for a convincing “seaside” effect. If there was only the beach, this would be enough. But no! Sandbanks is also an agritourism paradise. Vineyards (about 40), restaurants, cheese factories, cafes, bakeries, microbreweries, etc. It has everything to please connoisseurs and lovers of local products. With more than 620 campsites, numerous hotels, and lodges, there is no reason not to spend a few days there.

Sauble Beach, Ontario

plage québec

Located on the Bruce Peninsula on the shores of Lake Huron, Sauble Beach is one of Ontario’s most coveted beaches as it almost matches those on the American coast. In short, it has no reason to envy the beaches of Old Orchard, or even Daytona Beach in Florida. With campgrounds within walking distance of the beach as well as local restaurants and shops run by friendly and warm people, you are sure to feel like you are on vacation. Take some time during your stay to visit Sauble Falls Provincial Park, where you can go paddle boating, paddle boarding, and canoeing.

Wasaga Beach, Ontario

plage québec

Did you know that Wasaga Beach is one of the longest freshwater beaches in the world? No less than 9 miles long, it’s perfect for long, lovely strolls along the water, right? Ontarians and Quebecers love to come and spend their vacations there or simply stroll down the wooden boardwalk that runs along the beach. Located at the southern end of the Georgian Bay of Lake Huron, the town of Wasaga Beach is also renowned for its canoe routes that meander down the Nottawasaga River as well as its hiking and biking trails that wind through Wasaga Beach Provincial Park.

Havre Beach, Magdalen Islands

plage québec

Also called Sandy Hook and Havre-Aubert beach, this unique beach is a 7.5-mile long curve of sand that juts out into the Gulf of St. Lawrence. At the end of these 7.5 miles is the Pointe du Bout du Banc, which offers a breathtaking view of Entry Island. This is the beach where the annual sandcastle competition takes place every year. You can indulge in a multitude of activities including kayaking, kitesurfing, and bird watching. Fresh air and a change of scenery guaranteed.

Aguanish Beach, North Coast

The water may be cold there, but the beach is MAG-NI-FIQUE! Aguanish is a very small village of 300 charming residents near Natashquan. Many Quebecers come here to enjoy the miles of clear sand, the magnificent views of the Golfe du Saint-Laurent, and the feeling of being at the edge of the world without paying top dollar. A campground allows you to sleep directly on the beach or if you prefer a bit more comfort, several charming inns will welcome you. Take advantage of your stay by indulging in shellfish fishing, wild berry picking, long hikes on the hiking trails, and a whale-watching excursion.

There can be no doubt. These beaches will succeed in silencing the small, difficult voice in your head if, like me, you believe that the beaches in tropical countries are the only ones worth seeing. Why not immortalize your journey to the beaches of Quebec and its surroundings on my customizable map of Canada? It’s the perfect way to remember the summer when that difficult voice in your head had no other choice but to take a vacation!

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  • Marie

    You mention that these are the top 5 white sand beaches in Quebec and all I am seeing are beaches located in Ontario except for one.I just don’t get it.

    • Dominique Lessard

      Hi Marie,
      Actually, 2 are in Quebec: the one on the Magdalen Islands, and the one on the North Coast. The 3 other ones are located in Quebec’s neighbor province Ontario (as mentioned in the title “surroundings”). These 5 beautiful beaches are actually in or very close to the province of Quebec 🙂

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