Hi guys! Today we’re going to see how to save more money when booking online hotels or plane tickets!

So you’ve probably heard that the websites, booking websites, they place little cookies on your *computer, when you do searches, and if you’re doing the same search over and over again, they know it, and they crank up the price. How not to get caught? It’s easy!

You open a private, or incognito, window in your browser. It’s different how to do it in every browser (Safari, Chrome, or Explorer). So you just Google “how to open an incognito browser window”. And then you can make a search.

Even for travel agents, I have to tell you, I did a search, I did a couple of searches, and in a matter of seconds,  doing the same search over and over again, and each time: 200$, 300$  higher price, each time! In like… a matter of minutes, and even seconds.

So please don’t get caught: open a private browser window!

Thank you again, for this week! Next week we’re going to see  what to do when you travel with your pet that has motion sickness!

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Thank you so much! Bye!

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