This video is the first one of a new series I’m going to make: “From Dumb to Savvy Traveler in 1 minute!
So today our first tip: when is the best time to buy airfare… is it six months in advance? One year in advance?
No! According to studies*: 56 days before departure, or eight weeks, you can save up to 28% on airfare and if you fly on Tuesday instead of a Saturday, you can save another 11%, and if you fly at night compared to the morning: 5% that you’re gonna pay less for airfare!
So Tuesday evening is the cheapest time to fly, and eight weeks in advance is the best time to buy your airfare so you can get the best price available.
Now subscribe to my YouTube channel –> [sm-youtube-subscribe] because next week we’re going to see how to travel and listen to good music without having to bring your bluetooth speaker!
So thank you so much!
See you next week!
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  • Alan

    Unpopular days are also good Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day. New years Day

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How to listen to music while traveling without your bluetooth speaker

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