The Dalmatian Coastline – A Paradise for Families and CouplesThe Dalmatian Coastline – A Paradise for Families and Couples

Have you ever been to Croatia? Some say it’s the next Greece!

Croatia is an amazing country. No doubt about that! But there are some parts that just stand out. Especially the Dalmatian coastline is privileged for families and couples for many reasons. Lots of tourists go there every year to enjoy the pleasant amenities and to have a great time, which they will probably never forget. At least we didn’t. I and my girlfriend can truly say that we have fallen in love with this coastline and we can not wait to get back there.

The Dalmatian Coastline – A Paradise for Families and Couples

At least we didn’t. I and my girlfriend can truly say that we have fallen in love with this coastline and we can not wait to get back there.

A stunning coastline with countless attractions

The Dalmatian coastline is huge. Along the way, you will find countless nice beaches and bays to stay at. The beauty of these places is absolutely incomparable within Europe. Of course, there are so many wonderful places on this continent, but Croatia and especially the Dalmatian coastline are ranked among the top 10 of the most beautiful coastlines in Europe.

The water is crystal clear and the beaches are very clean. Perfect for parents, who place value on that for their kids. There is no party tourism anywhere, so parents can let their kids play without any worries. It’s also very enjoyable for couples. No stress, no nothing. Just pure relaxation.

The Dalmatian Coastline – A Paradise for Families and Couples

While hanging out, you can enjoy the view onto the 1.000+ islands (yes, they really have that many).

Additionally, there are various activities to do. Almost at every beach you can go snorkeling, drive a jet ski, do paragliding, go sailing or fishing, try windsurfing and much more. Even scuba diving is being offered by a couple companies.

But the best stuff to do for families and especially for kids is the water playgrounds. Basically, the playgrounds are like big bouncing castles with slides and climbing walls, 20m away from the beaches. Kids can burn off energy while parents can hang out at the beach, watching the little ones. Even we went playing there. It‘s good fun 😉

The Dalmatian Coastline – A Paradise for Families and Couples

Something you should also consider is to spend a day on one of the countless islands. You won’t believe what you’ll see. You think you will be stranded in paradise. Truly beautiful!

You also never have to worry about food or drinks, because vendors walk around the beaches all day long trying to sell sweets, cakes and everything else you can imagine. Certainly, you also find all kinds of restaurants, cafes, and bars at almost every beach or in every small village. Their offers are versatile: from seafood food over Italian to local dishes. It‘s a well-rounded mix.

Very known and preferred towns for families are Trogir and Makarska because these places are a little more touristic and you find everything you can possibly wish for.

We personally stayed in Omis, a small town between Split and Makarska, which also has its benefits. Particularly for people who want to see small, old Roman villages with a special kind of charm – this is the place to be. It‘s also less touristic than other bigger towns.

Accommodation and other activities on the Dalmatian coastline

Accommodation is easy to find on this incredible coastline. Because of the fact that more and more people spent their holidays in Croatia every year, it’s not surprising that tourism grows as well.

You have heaps of options to choose from: hotels, hostels, homestays, flat and houses from Airbnb and so on. Obviously, the quality and the prices vary a lot, depending on what you search for.

I prefer to go with Airbnb in order to stay with the locals. I’d recommend that to families and couples as well because most locals are very friendly and courteous. They can help you with every question that you might have and even give you some insider tips on where to go and what to do.

The Dalmatian Coastline – A Paradise for Families and Couples

Our landlord even recommended a lot of cool things we did not know about. Because of him, we went to some cool canyons (Cetina Canyon) and visited two small pirate castles near Omis. Along the whole Dalmatian coastline, various companies offer kayaking, boat, and hiking tours for families and couples. Very recommendable!

Something you also have to put on your list is a coastline road trip. The views will absolutely blow your mind. And, if it gets too hot or too boring for the kids, you can just stop at various bays and go for a swim.

Another place, that many people go to is the Krka National Park. It is a bit off the coastline (2-hour drive), but it is a big attraction for families and couples. This national park is a UNESCO World Heritage site and it is absolutely stunning. Krka contains some swimming and chill out areas next to some big waterfalls. A perfect spot for families and couples to hang out and have some fun.

At the end of the day you have to check Dalmatia out for yourself, but I truly believe you will love this coastline and you will probably never want to leave again.

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Christian “Volle” Vollmert is a German dude who loves traveling and exciting adventures from the bottom of his heart. He wants to inspire other people to get out of their comfort zone and travel the world. He also wants to show how much personal development as a human being comes along with it!

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