Do you think that what I am saying is insane? Sometimes, I think so. I am here, praising the virtues and benefits of traveling with our children. I even say that on some occasions people who do not bring their children on a trip are selfish.

The reality of life is that traveling is a privilege and a luxury, and not all families can afford it. And it hurts me terribly.

It’s not that these families do not want to travel: they simply cannot.

Whether due to lack of money (let’s face it, traveling is expensive, especially when you have a big family), lack of time, or unfortunately due to poor health.

We are so lucky to be able to travel this much! We have to appreciate it! I say “luck” because yes, it is largely a question of “luck” or “chance” that one is healthy enough to travel.

Reality is…

We were so very lucky that Emma Kate was born healthy. We also have been lucky so far that she hasn’t developed a serious disease. Health is one of the most precious things! Even more for children!

There is nothing more unfair than children who suffer. Is it affecting you like it is affecting me?

My goal isn’t to make you cry today. My goal is only to share my gratitude and inspire yours at the same time.

Lately, I have been trying to be more grateful for what I have, and health is one of the things we have that is the most valuable, and also the most fragile.

I first became aware of the terrible reality of sick children when my dear nephew to be born was diagnosed with a heart defect. I was with my sister and my brother-in-law when this new baby boy had open heart surgery just a few weeks after he was born. I was there when he came out of the operating room. This tiny little guy, and every inch of his pale body connected to machines. Nobody should go through such a horrible thing.

And we are so lucky: he’s fine now! The help my sister, my nephew and their immediate family received from charities made a big difference.

One of these kids already had 3 heart surgeries… today, all 4 of them can enjoy life and play!

So, as I reflect on how we travel so that our little girl appreciates what she has, and how I try to be more grateful in my everyday life, I want to get more involved to help little ones who suffer such injustices.

That’s why from now on (as of July 2019), 5% of all profits from the sale of my products will be donated to the Air Canada Foundation.

The Air Canada Foundation

Why the Air Canada Foundation?

I chose this foundation for several reasons. First, this foundation fits perfectly with my passion and my goal: I love to travel, and I really want to make a difference in the lives of sick children and the ones in need.

Second, each year the Foundation helps more than 270 registered charities and support 450 events across Canada each year in 3 ways:

  • by offering financial support,
  • by donating plane tickets to support their fundraising activities,
  • and by providing in-kind support, including the donation of Aeroplan Miles to pediatric hospitals across Canada as part of its Hospital Transportation Program, as well as enabling 8 aircraft and in-flight crews for children across Canada (Halifax , Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Vancouver) for a dream day at Disney.

Also, they have two fundraising activities that we think are super fun.

The first, Every Bit Counts is a simple but effective initiative: the Air Canada Foundation invites travelers to give their small change of all currencies on Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge flights. 

In 2019, these funds will be donated to the 14 member hospitals of the Children’s Miracle Network across Canada to meet their most urgent needs.

So next time you come back from a trip with foreign currency that will no longer be useful to you, pay it forward and the Foundation will take care of giving back the money (after changing it in Canadian currency) to the organizations that make a real difference in the lives of children.

The second fund-raising activity is our favorite because you know how much Clinton is passionate about golf (me too, but not as often lol). The Air Canada Foundation organizes a golf tournament and has done it for the past few years. The amount of money raised (more than $ 1 million) is donated to charities.

This year, the Golf Tournament was held on July 8th at the Saint-Raphaël Golf Club on Île Bizard. Unfortunately, we were not able to be there, but we would love to participate next year!

Paying It Forward

Do you think the Air Canada Foundation is making a difference in the lives of sick children? I would not talk about them if it was not the case.

In 2018 alone, the Air Canada Foundation donated more than $ 5.4 million to support Canadian registered charities dedicated to improving the health and well-being of children.

Each year, they help approximately 275 organizations and support 450 events each year either financially or by donating airline tickets to help with fundraising activities, and also in many other ways.

Do you think you are lucky to be able to travel with your children? I hope you appreciate it. Would you like to help other families to live this dream too?

What Can We Do, Too?

I will lead by example! As I said earlier, I am donating 5% of all the profits I make to the Air Canada Foundation by selling my personalized family maps and all my other products (I have plenty to come!).

I will also, in the upcoming days, offer a new way to spoil yourself and at the same time help you to pay it forward too … stay tuned! I have lots of nice surprises for you! In the meantime, you can donate directly on the Air Canada Foundation website.

Finally, I encourage you to follow the Foundation on Instagram, where you can get inspired by their initiatives, and learn about the stories of children whose lives have been greatly enhanced through their programs.

Pay it forward too! You have no idea the impact you can have on the lives of little ones 😉

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