Are you a blogger and you would like to contribute to Easy Planet Travel, as a guest writer?


Here are the criteria to be accepted as a guest post on Easy Planet Travel.

  1. The article provided is unique and doesn’t appear (and will never appear) elsewhere on the web. Easy Planet Travel only publishes articles that are within its niche (family travel) and that are a good fit for its followers. Easy Planet Travel reserves the right to alter, revise or otherwise tailor guest post submissions.
  2. Each post should be 800+ words and include at least three (3) original images (min 800px wide). Please include your own photos to give a personal feel. Videos are optional if you would like to include one we will upload & embed from our YouTube channel. Also, send a short bio. Your bio will appear at the end of your article, with links so that my readers can follow you.
  3. The content of the article has to be engaging, of high-quality, in-depth, without any typos. I am very picky of what I accept.
  4. Easy Planet Travel does not provide copyright protection or accept copyright ownership and only retains publishing rights.
  5. Guest posting is for bloggers only.  All posts will include the blogger’s bio and will link to his/her website and/or social media accounts, but no other backlinks will be published.
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