What isn’t there to love about travelling? Meeting new people, new scenery, different cultures, it all just comes together to provide an amazing experience. Spending some time in a country abroad can really open your eyes too. Having such experiences can really help you to get a better understanding of what kind of person you are. Whether you are heading on a week long sun holiday, or spending a period of time living in a different country, you won’t forget your time there soon.

The only thing that might be a little bit boring about your trip, is the travelling itself. You could often be stuck on a plane or bus for a considerable amount of time. However, as enjoyable as this might be, it will without a doubt be worth it. There are ways to keep yourself occupied when travelling, however, If you want to know how you can see more here.

For many people, the best thing about travelling is the food. Even if you don’t consider yourself a foodie, you can’t deny you look forward to trying some delicious new cuisine. It can be disappointing if you are not a fan of the country’s dishes, but this can be a rare occurrence. If you want to base your holiday around food entirely, there are some places that should be top of the bucket list. Here is a list of the European countries with the best cuisine that you just have to try. 


If you haven’t been to Spain before, you are missing out. There are plenty of great things about Spain, but regarding the food, they do it very well. First of all, you will find it hard to go hungry in Spain. Many bars and restaurants will offer tapas dishes. These are small plates that usually consist of traditional dishes such as seafood, cheese, potatoes, etc. For fuller dishes, they love their spice. Not to mention it would be a crime to go to Spain and not try a traditional paella


Italy might be the world’s most renowned country in terms of their cuisine. Pizza, pasta, ice cream, there is no better country in the world to eat these than Italy. Once you taste some of the dishes in their rightful home, you might never want to leave. Even the simplest dishes in Italy will be enough to blow your mind away. 


If you are a meat-freak, then you will want to visit Greece. Gyros, shawarma, and kebabs in Greece are just some of the mouth-watering dishes you can get. Nowhere does these dishes taste better than Greece. Even if you want to go vegetarian, you will have a great selection of olives, yogurt, and grapes to choose from. The seaside cities and towns of Greece will also be able to offer you some wonderful seafood dishes. You could really spend a month in Greece and still not even make a dent into all the amazing dishes they have to offer. 

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