I seriously think that Facebook stole from me twice!
Here’s the full story.

September of last year, I paid to promote my Facebook page with a Facebook ad and got 874 new page likes. I was very happy about it!

Then I read a post on Facebook that said Facebook was selling likes by fake accounts, from South-East Asia. And that was it: most of my likes came from Indonesia and the Philippines. That was the first time they stole from me. I paid to get fans, and I only got fake ones. This is not good for business! Because every time I post something, all those fake fans don’t like it, don’t comment and don’t share. And that’s what makes a business succeed on Facebook (likes, comments and shares). But then I told myself at least I paid for social proof. At least I had ‘something’.

Now, over the lasts months, I always got about 5-10 new likes on my Facebook page per week, but the total number of fans never increased. That was odd. This week, I am running a contest and am paying to boost my contest post, and got 20+ new likes, but again, the total of my Facebook page likes haven’t increase.

I am 100% sure that Facebook got caught the first time they sold fake page likes. Now they want to take them back. So they gradually take back fake likes when we have new likes, so eventually we will only have real fans. But I am still paying to boost post, with absolutely no results. I have been struggling to get new fans on my Facebook page from the first time I promoted my page through a paid Facebook ad.

And the thing is, I don’t know how to connect with new people now, because I can only go through Facebook’s ads!

If you have the same problem as me, or suspect something, please tell me and let’s spread the news!! I am fed up of being stolen from Facebook!! Maybe Facebook will eventually do business without stealing its own clients!!!

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