As a first-time cruisegoer, you might wonder whether the onboard voyage will fulfill your expectations. Well, it most certainly will. Nowadays, cruise ships carry more than 6000 guests, depending on the size and type of cruiser.

However, a small ship cruise is a right choice if you want more intimacy, avoid crowds, and excellent onboard service. A trip on a small cruiser provides luxury but mostly in terms of safety, custom-tailored experience, and itinerary. Cruise providers ensure the crew-to-passenger ratio is almost one-on-one and the customer experience is at best. The onboard amenities are also made to provide the best experience and make you feel safe and secure. You can check out the cruise options at Aqua Expeditions and peek at their small luxurious vessels to get an idea of what a small cruise ship sailing is about. 

So, let’s learn more about the common reasons first-timers choose small and private cruise options for their first cruise experience. 

Make Friendships

The private charter cruises are perfect for making friends and mingling with other passengers. Since the places to go are very limited on the ship, and of course, you don’t want to spend your days in the cabin, it’s only reasonable to get together with other people and dine at communal tables.

Your small ship cruise might consist of 10 to 40 passengers, and you’ll get to know most of them during the trip. And you’re bound to meet with strangers who share your ideas and passions, with whom you might even go on the next trip together.

Copyright: Manousos Bouloukakis on Unsplash 

Great Service

Some travelers will sacrifice their luxury in exchange for a budget-friendly environment and excellent staff service. You can’t expect someone to be around your shoes all the time if the number of passengers counts more than 6,000. However, almost everybody will know your name, food preferences, hobbies, or favorite drinks on a small cruise.

Having staff that knows your name might not be a huge deal for you, but you’ll feel comfortable and more than just a number on the registry. It can make you feel special.

Reach Remote Locations

Big ships are limited in terms of docking and reaching remote islands. Especially if you’re cruising in places like the Galapagos Islands or the Amazon, these massive ships will not dock nearby or have flexibility in visiting distant locations.

And imagine the off-boarding process, 6,000 people trying to get off the ship and explore the area. You’ll be waiting in lines and burning in the sun before they transport you to shore.

Fortunately, the struggle of the off-boarding is non-existent on small ships. You have the flexibility to organize excursions and visit unexplored and uncharted islands.

The Itinerary

Another reason why a small ship cruise is perfect for a first-timer is the itinerary. The little ships include itineraries that include shore excursions, short swim trips, diving and snorkeling activities, lunch breaks, evening activities, etc.

Offers Flexibility in Emergent Situations

With fewer passengers, the itinerary is more flexible regarding weather changes or a pandemic. The supervisors will monitor the ports due for a visit and ensure the safety protocols are upheld to protect the passengers.

And since a small cruise is always between countries, they can always dock and get back to shore in case of an emergency.

Copyright: Simon Hurry on Unsplash

The Food

The food on a small ship will contain the flavors of the regions you’re traveling in. This means you’d get to try the local cuisine and enjoy some continental ingredients. Some cruise fares have additional fees since not all the food is included in the price. Usually, breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be included and served on time, but the ship buffet with specialty items might cost a little extra.

But what kind of dining options are available on a small cruise? Cruise ships offer various dining options and a menu of Continental and American dishes. Of course, there are also international food choices, and there’s the local cuisine, so you’ll be served according to your appetite.

Small ship cruises might even have pizzerias, bakeries, hot dog stands, BBQ places, or outdoor girls. Or exclusive dining venues.

Inclusive Experience

The small ship cruises have a variety of components added to the total price, like transfers, gratuities, internet service, excursions, etc. It’s an affordable option for those on a budget and offers more inclusivity and luxury.

Some cruise lines include rare wine selections and are also known for their 4-star and 5-star quality levels.

Book Your Small Cruise Trip Now!

Now that you’re familiar with the perks and advantages of a small cruise trip as a first-time traveler on a cruise, it’s time to make the booking! 

Determine your budget, the destination, and the itinerary, and embark on the journey of your lifetime. You’ll be surprised how convenient a trip on a small cruise is.


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