Hi guys! Today we’re going to see how to get extra seats on a flight without paying for it.

So that was my husband’s brilliant idea, I have to say.

When the flight is not fully booked, you board the plane the very last person.

And then, as you’re walking down the aisle, you can spot the empty seats on the plane.

So you really have to be the very last person to do that, and then, when you spot the extra seats… let’s say an empty row, then you just go sit there, and enjoy the row. And still, he always got his seat with me, so we can exchange places. I have to say it worked a couple of times, and it was a life saver!

So stay tuned, and subscribe to my YouTube channel  –> [sm-youtube-subscribe] because next week I’m going to give you another advice on how to get 1 extra seat for you and your family. Have a good week! Bye!

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