Hi guys! Today we’re gonna see another trick to get an empty seat for you and your family when you have a long flight.

So when you’re booking for 2 persons, book in a 3 seat row, and you book the window and the aisle seats. So the middle seat will not be booked by you.

If somebody book that middle seat, then you just ask the person to switch.

But if nobody books that middle seat, you’ll have the full row to yourselves!

And this works for the 4 seat rows, and the 5 seat rows.

So you can often get an extra seat by booking you and your spouse not together.

Stay tuned, and subscribe to my YouTube channel  –> [sm-youtube-subscribe] because next week I’m gonna talk to you about a nice product that I found to help us never lose our child when we are travelling.  Thank you, see you next week!

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