Are we having the same problem?

I find a great travel article about a city itinerary, written by a great blogger, and I travel to that city and want to follow the tour, but I have to take pictures of the article with my smartphone, because I don’t have internet there, and then I can’t find my way and get lost. Not fun.

Last winter, we went to Cambodia, and wanted to visit Angkor Wat. But it’s always overcrowded, and we like to take pictures of the sights without too many people. The night before we went, we found a great article on how to beat the crowds and visit Angkor Wat by ourselves. But without internet, we couldn’t read the article while visiting Angkor Wat. We took pictures of the text, but it wasn’t easy for us to find our way around.

That’s why I now use GPSmyCity. GPSmyCity is an IOS and Android app that turn travel articles into a GPS guided walking tour.

How does it work? Simple: travel articles are mapped out with their coordinates, and a map is created.

What does it look like? An easy to use walking tour of a city. And they have more than  5,000 tours available in more than 600 cities!

The best thing is, the tours are free! Yep! If you want to get your hands on the map and download it to your smart phone, you only have to buy (or upgrade) the article at a very small cost. And then you can have the tour, at hand, always available, forever! No wifi or internet needed. Genius, right?

Why am I talking about this? Because 6 of my cities itineraries are on it now! Yep! I am so proud to be a part of GPSmyCity app! Here are my 6 articles:

The Easiest Way to Visit Chicago in 3 Days
Give Me 3 Days and I’ll Give You Barcelona
How to Visit Amsterdam in 3 Days When You Feel Lazy
Fun Days in Sihanoukville, South Cambodia
Malaysia’s Thriving Multicultural Capital: Kuala Lumpur
World’s #1 Awe-Inspiring Escape: Angkor… and Siem Reap!

How do you get your hands on my travel articles? Well, when you will click on my article link, you will have to download the GPSmyCity app first. After the GPSmyCity has been launched, the article app will appear by default; then you can click “Upgrade” to upgrade the article.

Here’s the link to download the cool GPSmyCity app! It’s a free app, by the way!

FREE Downloads

And to make things even more interesting, GPSmyCity and myself are giving away, only from July 25 to 31, 2016, the GPS guided tour of Chicago and of Barcelona! Click on the name of the city to download now!

Go download it now before it is too late!


I was not financially compensated for this post. I will only receive a few cents when amazing people like you are going to buy my quick and easy itineraries. All opinions, as always, are my very own.

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