Beyonce is hot, she is beautiful and she can have everything she wants. She can be pampered and get massages whenever she wants. Want to be like her? I do!

I was once like Beyonce. I mean the pampering part! I was once rich enough to pay for massages and foot pampering treatments and other relaxing sessions every other day. Yes, you heard me. Every other day, I had at least a 1 hour massage! It was incredible!! I had never felt this relaxed in my entire life! I was traveling in the Philippines, and massages only cost 5$.

Not all massages were created equal, though. On this trip, I once had a massage therapist who checked her cell phone every two minutes during the massage! This one wasn’t so relaxing for me… and for her! The best part is, my husband was getting a massage too, right next to me, and his massage was the best he ever had! (You can read a little bit of jealousy here 😉 ).

But the day after, I had a hot wax foot treatment on the white sand beach, listening to the waves crashing and the nice breeze swaying the giant palm trees. Heaven on earth!

And there was that other time when I had a massage on my private island, after a beautiful day sailing the turquoise clear sea. Yes, you can treat yourself to that unique relaxing pampering treatment in the Philippines! And no, I am not trying to get you jealous here!

Do you have a problem with letting yourself relax? I am not just talking about chilling out. I am talking about relaxing right down to your bones. We should all have a deep relaxing pampering afternoon once in a while.

Of course, massages aren’t as cheap here as they are in Thailand or the Philippines. But you can run yourself a warm bath and lounge around in the scented water until your fingertips go soft. Or you can lie on the deepest grass, on a sunny day, and let the warmth sink right down into you. The point is: allow yourself to luxuriate. Create your own pampering moment. Or pay for one if you want to.

Stress is eating us alive. Stress gets us sick and keeps us from living a happy life. Why not schedule a relaxing moment once in a while, every week if you can?

And when you are traveling, seek out relaxing opportunities. Traveling in a South East Asian country? Massages are usually super cheap. Just pick up your therapist safely. Going to Turkey or Morocco? Look for a hammam. There’s nothing like a steaming and a scrubbing afternoon in a hammam!

Life goes fast and we are more and more stressed out. Take care of yourself and your family. Make it a point to deeply relax and recharge at least once a month. Or just travel to a cheap country and get massages every other day!

You don’t have to be Beyonce or have her money to get pampered and luxuriate. Normal people like you and me can almost do the same, on a tighter budget, with those alternatives. And we will feel as gorgeous as Beyonce is!

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