The skies were gloomy as I felt the cold air blowing. That’s when I started gazing at the appearance of the great Meteora Monasteries. The stunning view of the Meteora Monasteries took our breath away. We never really got bothered by the draftiness of the place.

That day was one of the most unforgettable experience for my team and I. It was such an exceptional experience to have visited the region of Meteora, Greece. I never thought of a place full of wonders. But of course, I’ve heard of how fantastic Athens was way back before. It was such a great experience for me and my set of friends. And what’s more amazing is that it is not only about hiking in Meteora, but it is also about discovering the richness and its authenticity.

Hiking to Meteora

Outside of the town of Kalampaka sits Meteora, Greece. As we headed to the Meteora Monasteries, there were two options to take. First, you may take a train ride from Athens to Kalambaka. Next is a bus ride from Athens to Kalambaka. However, for my group and I, the train ride was cozier and faster than a bus ride going to the hidden gem of Greece. But, before you head to the site, you may want to check out the availability of trains and buses to make sure that the trip will be a successful one.

We arrived in Kalambaka exactly as the church bells clanged. The train ride dropped us off amidst the town center. We were still overwhelmed by the experience. We reached our destination late at night. However, the town was still busy and alive. In fact, many diners and restaurants were still open to serve the guests that time.

Hiking in Meteora

The air was very chilly that night as we began to walk to the sandstone cliffs. They were towering over Kalambaka. After grabbing some meals at a local restaurant, we headed to our hotel rooms. That time, I could not still believe that I was finally in the place that was once just a dream for my team and I.

Beginning Our Journey Towards the Meteora Monasteries

At exactly 7 in the morning, we woke up, and we had a quick breakfast. I was very thrilled of our activities for the day. Finally, our van arrived to pick us up at our hotel at 8 in the morning. We all hopped in, and we went to the itinerary for the day, and that was to hike in Meteora. We also hoped to see the various breathtaking Meteora Monasteries.

As our group assembled, we met our two fantastic guides. They were very oriented and knowledgeable of the place. Plus, they were splendid at telling the history of the site and of course, some trivia about the place.

Hiking in Meteora

Beginning Our Challenging Yet Exciting Hike

I was personally excited to trek the trails going to the Holy Monasteries. The locals in Kalambaka used the paths for centuries. These were the days when GPS and modern technology was still unknown. I was slowly taking in everything, one by one. However, I could not still believe that I was setting foot on such a great adventure. I could not get over how wonderful nature was during our hike.

So, for us not to get lost, our local guides led the way. We began our journey by following the path from the Holy Monastery of the Great Meteoron. The trail was quite rocky at that time. When we headed down, there was a curvilinear stone slope. At first, it was not tiring at all.

However, we were very concerned that we might slip as we followed the pathway. I stopped now and then to appreciate nature and to take a breath of fresh air. I was really in awe of the century-old trees and the wild flowers.

Enjoying the Beauty of Meteora from Below

Trekking in Meteora gave us the chance to see the eye-catching monasteries. Plus, we were able to witness the spectacular views and landscapes in a new standpoint. Our guides were good enough to tell us about their experiences as they hike the trails now and then. We also stopped at great sights to take some photos and admire them.

In fact, as I took a look at the pictures taken during the trek, I could not believe I was there to witness its beauty.  We went on our hike. Our group was energetically marching onward. And near the Holy Monastery of Varlaam, we realized that we stopped at the huge rocks of different forms. As we followed our path, it also led us to a dramatic view of the spring flowing peacefully.

Hiking in Meteora

Our few hours of hiking concluded after we reached the Holy Monastery of St. Nicholas Anapausas. Overall, I couldn’t put into words our hiking experience. All I can say is that it’s a worthwhile experience. It also made me appreciate how beautiful life is and how wonderful our world is.

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Louise is the founder of The Adventure Land, where she and her associates blog about outdoor experiences, tips & tricks that will help you have an exciting adventure. She is also a tour guide of a travel company where she learned many things about wilderness. “Let’s pack our bags and explore the world!”

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