If you are the designated driver for your trip, you may feel like you have pulled the short straw. While the rest of your group gets to sit and relax, or even nap, your concentration is required at all times to make sure you reach your next destination safely and efficiently. It’s certainly a slog, and although this may not be fun, there are ways that you can make this aspect of traveling a little bit easier on yourself.

Stay Hydrated

One of the main things to consider throughout your holiday, whether while driving, or even when relaxing, is how much water you are consuming. Dehydration, as described by All About Vision, can make your eyes feel that much more fragile. Dry eyes can make them feel irritated, and too much light can cause headaches. By keeping your body replenished with water, you may feel better able to see the road ahead of you. Needing more rest stops due to a full bladder can be seen as a small price to pay for a safer journey.

Rest Regularly

Adequate rest and sleep can help to improve your safety when on the road. You may want to educate yourself on the signs that you should not be behind the wheel, to help avoid injuries occurring from accidents, as well as any other legal ramifications should you be found unfit to operate a vehicle. You may want to consider breaking up extremely long journeys into a few days, rather than attempting to do it all at once. Taking an overnight break at a motel or service station can allow your body to have the rest it needs. This means that, upon recommencing your route, you may be more able to spot hazards, and less likely to deviate between lanes through exhaustion.

Share the Drive

Being the sole driver during a holiday can feel a lot more like work than a relaxing vacation. If there is another qualified driver in your party, you may want to consider getting them to share this work with you. This can be a good opportunity to get some rest, as well as to be able to engage with others that you are with. You may want to look into insuring the other driver, or adding them to a rental agreement if the car is hired, to make sure that you will still be covered should an accident occur.

Driving can give you some level of freedom when on holiday. It can allow you to stay in a more rural location, potentially reducing the cost of your accommodation, but still allow you to take in all the sights that you want to see, as well as those that might not have been available without some form of transport.

In Conclusion…

Considering the safety aspects of driving should always come first. This way, you can better protect yourself, your passengers, and other road users, while still making the most out of your trip.


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