Hi! Today we’re going to see how is the easiest way to bring back a lot of stuff from your travel, when you like to shop!
So you will probably going to leave with a suitcase like this one, or a prettier one, I hope for you 😉
And what you are going to do is you’re going to pack in your suitcase… another suitcase!
You’re going to fill this one with all of your clothes and all of your liquids, and everything you need for your trip.
And then, when you’re going to be abroad, you just fill this one with all the stuff that you’re going to buy!
That’s easiest way and the cheapest way to do it. So you’ll only going to pay for one luggage when you’re going to go on your trip and then you’re going to pay for 2 suitcases when you’re going to come back.
So thank you very much!
And subscribe to my YouTube channel –> [sm-youtube-subscribe], 🙂 because next week we’re going to see when is the best time to buy airfare deals because the airlines usually go on sale… or when are the best sales for the airlines.
See you next week! Bye!
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