how to go on 2 honeymoons without breaking the bank

Hey girls: you want 2 honeymoons?

I can make your dream come true! How? With a minimoon!

What’s a minimoon? A minimoon is a short trip after a couple gets married before they can actually travel for their honeymoon, or in place of a full honeymoon (but let’s skip this part, shall we?)

For example, my nephew got married last November, but his bride still studying at College, they couldn’t leave for a full honeymoon right away. They could have taken a minimoon, and later on, go on their official honeymoon, when they would have the time and money.

Because let’s face it: getting married cost a LOT of money. And honeymoons aren’t cheap either. So why not wait to see how much money you will receive as gifts at your wedding, and plan your honeymoon accordingly?

Bermuda (11) - Copy

Moreover, sometimes the moment we choose to get married isn’t the best time to travel to our honeymoon destination. Let’s say I want to get married in July, but travelling around Greece in the middle of summer can be exhausting and cost a lot of money, since the temperatures are soaring and the crowds are overwhelming. But postponing your actual honeymoon in September, and going on a minimoon in July is the next best thing! Plus, you get to have 2 trips instead of only 1!

How does a minimoon work? Well, since you will only be traveling for a couple of days, you have to choose a destination not too far from home. To make things simple, the wisest thing to do is to choose a destination that’s within 3-4 hours of travel for a 3-4 day trip.

Wedding beach

So let’s say you live in New York City, you could take a minimoon in Puerto Rico, or almost anywhere in the Caribbean, since a lot of flights from JFK or EWR take less than 4 hours to reach these gorgeous destinations.

With our schedules getting fuller and our favorite honeymoon destinations getting more exotic, a minimoon is one of the latest travel trends. And I think it is one trend that’s here to stay.

Would you go on a minimoon?

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