Hi guys! Today we’re going to see how to pack your iphone, your ipad and pack them for extra protection! So it’s simple!
Forget about the hard case shell… just go to the dollar store, the post office, the paper store and get one of those padded enveloppes.
So it’s very simple again… easy! Take the phone, and put it inside. Extra protected! Super easy!
So you can put it in your purse, in your carry-on… i wouldn’t put it in your suitcase, just in case, it’s not going to survive everything, but it’s going to really do the job and protected in your carry-on.
So subscribe to my YouTube channel –> [sm-youtube-subscribe], because next week we’re going to see if you want to shop a lot, how to be able to bring all of that stuff back home on the cheap!
So thank you, and see you next week! Bye!
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