Instagram Travel Template Story

Do you like the new Instagram travel template story?

I like it! Instagram is the most popular social media right now, and for good reasons.

Instagram is easy to use and we can still keep our lives private!

Also, there are new Instagram features regularly published, such as Reels. But today, let’s talk about Stories and Highlights.

As you can see in the photo below, business accounts like mine can create “Highlights”, which is simply a folder with my chosen stories relevant to a subject. You can see that I have a “templates” folder, and inside you can find all my Instagram travel template story or conversation starters. Click here to see what I’m talking about on Easy Planet Travel’s Instagram page.


I have created a bunch of Instagram travel template stories for you to use and enjoy! I’ve had a lot of fun creating the designs 🙂

Now there are 2 ways you can download and use my FREE templates.

First, you can screenshot them from my Instagram account “templates” highlight and use them right away on your own Instagram story, by filling the blanks! It is a fun way to get to know your friends and family!


You can also download them from this post too, send them to yourself or a friend by email, and use them on your Instagram story!

When you’ll use my fun and free Instagram travel template story, please tag me (@easyplanettravel) so I can see your answers and what you are up to. I am curious too, you know? 🙂

And share with your friends and family! They’ll enjoy filling and sharing these Instagram travel template story as much as you and me! Let’s spread the joy 🙂

By the way, I’m currently working on publishing stunning and free wallpapers for your phone! I just started uploading them to my Instagram story. Click now to be the first to have your free wanderlust phone wallpaper!

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