A nature getaway and unparalleled family experiences, with

Mon Adresse A Louer

Experience lodging

Because there is no better way to escape than to withdraw away from civilization.
Because it’s impossible, especially for a mom, to really be on vacation at home.
Because in Quebec there are such beautiful places and beautiful regions.
Because with children, it’s so much easier to have fun where we cannot disturb the neighbors.
Because finding lodging to rent based on our favorite activities is much easier thanks to Mon Adresse A Louer.

We were so lucky to stay at one of the cottages carefully selected by the Mon Adresse A Louer team, and we had a WOW experience!

In fact, for the first time in my life, I stayed in a cottage with my little girl Emma-Kate, but without my husband Clinton! He had a golf weekend planned with the boys, and instead of staying at home doing nothing (haha, as if it was my style), I decided to make a woman out of me and find myself the most beautiful cottage to rent, to make my husband jealous! lol

Of course, it’s much more fun when we share moments with someone with love, so I invited my sister and her 3 beautiful children to join us, and that’s it!
We had a perfect weekend, and yes: I managed to make my husband jealous (at least a little lol).


I’m not a complicated girl, but I still need a minimum
to enjoy a getaway, especially with Emma-Kate.
I was not disappointed, I was rather thrilled!
First of all, the cottage was spotless.
The common living areas were very spacious and comfortable.
The decor was very pretty, and the kitchen, as well equipped as at home.

Our favorites, to my sister and to myself, were the sunny room
and the second-floor balcony overlooking the lake. Breathtaking!
Guess where did we have our coffees in the morning, peacefully, while the kids were playing outside? 😛

Oh yes, and if you didn’t know it yet, I enjoy sleeping long nights haha
And the huge beds of our rented cottage were sooo comfortable!

Easy to find, the location of our cottage was perfect: on the edge of a beautiful lake!

The experience of nature

The rays of the sun that pierce through the thick green foliage of the trees.
The gentle breeze that makes the same foliage dance, composing a sweet melody to our ears.
The serenity that brings us the contemplation of a calm lake.
The little birds that sing… I love being in nature, by a gorgeous lake!

Spending quality and relaxing time with the people we love swinging in a hammock.
Watching for hours the flames of a campfire dance before our eyes, giving us a gentle comforting warmth.
Dipping our feet in the freshwater, sitting on the edge of the dock with my sister whom I adore, my best friend, in a nice warm afternoon.
Taking a long walk with our children and playing games along the way, discovering at the same time how generous nature is and how lucky we are to be there.
Enjoying a good coffee, on a terrace overlooking a calm and peaceful lake.
The small pleasures of life, which has left unforgettable traces of happiness in our minds and hearts.

Unforgettable Experiences – Nature – Relaxation

We would like to thank Mon Adresse A Louer for welcoming us during our family adventure in Saguenay, Quebec, Canada. They did not ask me to write a positive opinion. All opinions are really my own.

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