Hi guys! Today I’m going to show you how to never get your money stolen from you when you’re travelling. It’s easy, you’ll see!

In fact, if you want to hide your money somewhere, don’t hide it in your wallet! lol It’s not called hiding!

But you can hide it in a dental floss case!

I still have dental floss… but if you don’t… (I want to keep my dental floss!) you just hide your money inside. There’s enough room to put a lot of money and then you close it, and then… who wants to steal dental floss? Seriously?? Nobody!

So that’s the perfect hiding place, or you can hide it in a lipstick container, or in a sun lotion (empty) bottle, if you’re at the beach. The point is to find a container that nobody would think that you put your money in there.

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because next week we are going to find a new way to save money when you book on plane tickets or hotel rooms online.

Thank you! See you next week! Bye!

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