best adventure destination november

Beside Movember, November is, for North Americans like us, usually a dull month: it’s cold, it’s dark, and it’s boring.

But who said you can’t have a ton of fun in November, especially for adventure addicts?

Here are the 8 ultimate destinations to visit in November for adventure junkies!

1. Australia

best adventure destination november

Besides the adrenaline pumping surf Australia is so famous for, why not go on a month-long walkabout and reflect on your soul, or maybe celebrate a meaningful transition in your life?

For more details, check out our Australia Travel Guide.

2. Bangladesh

best adventure destination november

Colorful rickshaws, discovering new ideas and ways of life, mixing with famously welcoming locals and tracking tigers on a four-day boat trip in the largest mangrove forest in the world… this is what Bangladesh can mean for you this November!

3. Botswana

best adventure destination november

Why not go on a self drive safari and witness the greatest wildlife spectacles on earth, in one of the safest African country?

For more details, check out our Botswana Travel Guide.

4. Ghana

best adventure destination november

What is Ghana offering you? A coastal trek that takes you through pristine rainforest to spot birds and monkeys! And a highland hiking tour where you’ll find rolling hills, valleys, and rocky outcrops overlooking Lake Volta, lagoons, rivers including the highest waterfalls and highest peak Mountain Afadjato!

5. India

best adventure destination november

India is probably the most action packed country on Earth! Just think about going on a river cruise on the Ganges river, riding an overcrowded train with locals, or even trekking in Ladakh to tiny villages, walk through remote valleys and marvel at isolated Buddhist monasteries high up in the cliffs!

For more details, check out our India Travel Guide.

6. Laos

best adventure destination november

Kayaking the Mekong river is without a doubt a great adventure, and so is an authentic overnight Khmu Village homestay!

7. Nepal

best adventure destination november

When we think of Nepal, we immediately think of the Everest mountain. Yes, a trek to Everest Base Camp is a must, but you can also conquer high passes and glaciers, experience Sherpa villages and panoramic views, and meet locals during teahouse stays. Think of it more like a life-changing adventure!

For more details, check out our Nepal Travel Guide.

8. South Africa

best adventure destination november

Besides the usual safari and wine tasting, why not try dunes boarding? Shark cave-diving? Skydiving? Bungee jumping? Or hot-air ballooning? Yes, South Africa has it all!

For more details, check out our South Africa Travel Guide.

Where would you go in November for some adrenaline?

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