The first big trip we took with our baby girl was in Belize, when she just turned 1 year old. Some people thought we were a little crazy going backpacking with a baby for a month, only bringing 1 backpack each. We managed to bring everything we needed for our whole trip, except for diapers, since they sell diapers in Belize too!

Traveling with a kid is not as hard as people think, especially at such a young age. Emma-Kate was very easy, had no problem sleeping and did not get sick.

Here’s a video of our stay at Bocawina Rainforest Resort & Adventures. We were in the middle of the rainforest, climbed all the way to amazing waterfalls, ziplined and got bitten by mosquitoes like crazy. At $75 per night. No TV, no radio, only ten thousand fireflies shining through the night, singing birds and calm. Paradise!

It’s funny, when we got back home, arrived at the airport and waited for our backpacks to get on the luggage carousel, we were all tired, it was late at night, it was cold. No one at the airport seemed happy to be there. Except for Emma-Kate. It’s not that she was happy to be home, she didn’t even realize it. She was tired, but not crying. She was just sitting in her stroller and looked everywhere.

I parked the stroller right in front of the carousel, where the luggage comes out, and every time a suitcase or backpack got on the carousel, she just started laughing so hard. Somehow she thought it was so funny! She laughed and laughed! Everyone waiting for their luggage started smiling too, since you cannot do otherwise when a 1 year old laughs! She made everyone smiling that night!

That’s what traveling with a baby does. We see new things when we travel and we appreciate the discoveries. But some other things, that we take for granted, that we don’t even pay attention anymore, even on a trip, are new again. It makes every trip more meaningful and worth it!

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