Emma-Kate being still small (not for very long 🙁 ), she goes around the world by bike once a day.

Well, it must be said that she does not believe that the world is the street on which we live and the street behind the one where we live which, together, forms a loop. A chance, with all the trips we took with her! lol

On beautiful summer evenings, just after dinner, she asks my husband:

“Dad ! Let’s go around the world by bike ”.

Always, he grants her wish. It’s a 10-minute ride at most, and yet I think it feels like it goes on for hours and hours. Time stands still in a perfect moment of father-daughter bonding where the world is theirs.

: “Look over there! This is Australia! Do you see the koala?” My partner tells her as they are perched on top of the small hill that Emma likes to speed down to feel the wind in her hair. Obviously, we do not see Australia, nor a koala, but already, with her imagination, my husband opens it to the immensity of our world.

I want to continue to offer my daughter these same moments of complicity with me and this same openness to the world. How do I do it? Through the elements of my home decor. Because yes, just like the bicycle, the decoration can open your child to the world.

Here are my 5 items to add to your home decor to develop openness to the world in your child.

Earth Globe

Who has never been fascinated by an Earth globe? Our imagination ignites every time our finger lands on a destination. The Shifu company understands this fascination and offers Orboot, a terrestrial globe with an interactive play experience for children between 4 and 10 years old.

With over 400 highlights and over 1,000 interesting facts to explore, Orboot makes learning a snap. Simply set up the Interactive Companion app on your cellular or tablet device (available in 6 languages), then swipe across the globe icons to set off on an adventure. Your child will discover the animals, foods, monuments, and culture of each country in addition to developing their geographic, linguistic, and cognitive skills.

To see a video of this globe, it’s here!

To get this globe, it’s here!


Does your child’s uncle live in British Columbia? Has one of his friends moved to Belgium with his parents? His grandparents are spending the winter in Mexico? Why not get him or her some pretty clocks showing the time of places in the world where these people he knows are? This way your child learns about time zones and on his first trip he will already be familiar with the concept of jet lag.

Doesn’t he know anyone who lives abroad? No problem! Offer him clocks that show the time of places he dreams of one day visiting. Paris, Sydney, Singapore, San Francisco, Rome, Honolulu. The destinations are endless! I personally love this colorful clock from Foxtop. Perfect for a child’s room and at a great price!

Travel Book

It’s good to have books to decorate, but it’s best to have some that are really interesting, and even fun to read. Lonely Planet and its “Not for parents” series offer The Travel book, a travel book for children in which they can read interesting and fun facts including:

Which country has banned chewing gum?
What is the smelly fruit in the world?
Who invented inline skating?
What building leans even more than the Leaning Tower of Pisa?
Where can you eat fried spiders?

Never have you wanted to read a children’s book in secret so much because, I have to tell you, this travel book is 1000 times more interesting than any I’ve read so far.

To get this book, it’s here!

World Map Mat

Children, they spend their time on the floor. So why not make sure they spend their time on the floor ON THE WORLD! The FasterS World Map Mat is a crush. Circular in shape and neutral colors, it blends easily into any décor. Your children will be able to boast of having walked around the world several times by walking on this mat.

Customizable Playful World Map

Obviously, I cannot fail to take this opportunity to offer you my playful world map for children which details all the countries of the world as well as the Canadian provinces and the American states.

Perfect for your child’s bedroom or playroom, this map is sure to awaken the explorer inside him or her. With my eyes riveted on this map, I promise you that magical moments will emerge, for there is nothing like his imagination when it comes to discovering the world and forging connections.

I say it, and always will say it, to give the world as a gift to your child is to give him the greatest gift in the world. So, I conclude this post by wishing you memorable moments of complicity as you travel around the world with your mini.

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