You probably remember how disappointed I was when I didn’t book the amazingly cheap tickets to New Zealand and Fiji (I told you about it in The Brand New Way to Find the Very Best Airfare Deals). Well, I am still disappointed, but another opportunity has come up.

Since I am extending my maternity leave to stay with my precious little girl Emma-Kate at home and raise her, we obviously have a lot less money (I was earning so much money… not! 😉 ). But we managed to save some to travel this winter. We used to travel a lot more… we once visited 7 countries in one year, without being on the road for more than 2 months. Anyway, lately, I needed to buy plane tickets. I was going crazy! Traveling is my passion, and not being able to do it more is frustrating.

Nonetheless, after I lost the New Zealand/Fiji tickets, I was sad. I kept looking at airfare deals every day, at least twice… sometimes even more. I looked into going to Namibia and/or Botswana, but February is not the best period to visit those amazing African countries. I looked at all the countries that my Destination Finder found, according to my criteria.

The thing is, we really wanted to travel in February, because winters in Quebec are soooo long, and traveling in February really shorten the cold and short days of snow, storms and ice. And the problem is that almost all of the best destinations to visit in February, we had already seen. I know, you probably don’t think it’s a problem, but since I don’t want to go back somewhere I have already been (the world is too big to return twice to the same place!), our options were limited.

Moreover, we wanted to travel for at least a month. So with the money we put aside for our trip this winter, our options were even more limited. After a lot of research, South East Asia would be our cheapest option. Even if it’s far from home and airfare isn’t cheap to get there, it would cost us even more to visit Argentina or Peru. And we have no idea why, but we have absolutely no interest in South American countries. Anyway, that’s another story.

I looked on Hopper, and the cheapest airfare we could expect to pay from Montreal (the biggest city close to our hometown, Quebec City) to Bangkok, Thailand was US$893. We didn’t want to go to Thailand, because we’ve already been there. But since there are a lot of low-cost carriers in South-East Asia, it’s cheaper to fly to the busiest airports of that region (Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur) and then take another super extra cheap flight.

On Friday, October 9th, I looked at airfare deals around 11AM, and found the perfect deal! I tested different routes, different dates, different layovers and finally we bought at 5PM the cheapest airfare I have seen to go to South East Asia. First good news: we will leave from Quebec City, so we don’t have to drive for 3h in the snow to get to Montreal’s airport. Second, we will leave on my birthday, January 17th! Third, we have great traveling hours, and only 2 layovers (which is almost the least we can have leaving from Quebec City). The last good news, but not the least: it only cost 740$CAD (US$570). That’s more than $300 cheaper! And since Emma-Kate needs her own plane ticket now (because she’s older than 2), we saved a lot of money!

I am so happy!! Yeah!!! We are leaving on January 17th, 2016, and we don’t know when we’ll be back. One thing for sure: we won’t be back before March. So next winter won’t be so bad after all!

We don’t know yet either where we’ll go. I have a little planning to do, and here’s what I’ll do. I will tell you everything I will plan, organize, buy, ask and do for this trip. You will get all the naked truth about our next adventure. Everything you want to know, you will! I will be open about everything, so you’ll know how to travel cheap, safe and easy! So you know you can travel around the world too!

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