The most exciting part of planning an around the world trip is to spread out the world map, and look at all the possibilities ahead of you. You probably already have an idea of the destinations you wouldn’t want to miss for anything in the world. But even if you don’t want to decide right away your exact itinerary, it could be a good thing to have an idea of where you would like to land, especially if you will buy a RTW ticket.

Of all the destinations you want to visit, you have to make choices. Start your list with ‘must-sees’, then prioritise ‘would-like-to-sees’ and ‘would-like-but-can-drops’, down to ‘really –don’t-cares’ and ‘no-ways’. Your ‘must-sees’ can be based around your need to visit family or friends, or places you’ve dreamed of your whole life.

You can even choose your destinations according to your interests. You love history? Why not visit the Greek’s ancient ruins and Egypt’s pyramids? Or you are a party machine? Thailand and The Netherlands will surely be on top of your list.

You can even plan your itinerary according to your favorite sport, like playing golf at the world’s best golf courses. Or you can visit some of the most famous festivals around the world. If you want to know which countries offer you activities and sights according to your interests, try our Destination Finder.

Most travelers look at going to several destinations, maybe even including a place where they can work to get cashed up before heading out again.

You could also decide to team up with a good friend or your loved one, even with your kids. If this is the case, you will have to decide on an itinerary together, or you could meet somewhere along the way, if you don’t agree eye to eye all the way. You want to lay on Bali’s best beaches, but he’s more into the Great Wall of China? Why not meet in Hong Kong before heading to Europe or Africa?

If you want to travel on a dime, you could choose destinations where it’s cheaper to travel. South-East Asia and India are usually a safe bet. Again, our Destination Finder will be very helpful here.

The world is your playground! It’s up to you how much of it you will discover!

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