Traveling around the world is on almost everyone’s list. But it’s time to put it on top of your to-do list, otherwise, when will you make it happen? Traveling is like having a baby: there’s no perfect timing. And even before finding when it is a good time to travel to your choice of destinations, it is as important to find the best timing for you.

Sure, it all depends on how long you want to travel around the world. If you want to make your RTW trip in 2 weeks (which is totally doable), then besides asking time off from work, you only want to look for the best time to visit your dream destination (and to find out when is the best time to travel to different countries, please enjoy our Destination Finder or read our Travel guides).

You could also only take a couple of months to travel around the world, a year or even more, then you have a little thinking to do. Usually, many people use the time they have in between jobs or after school to think about what to do next. And it’s a very good timing for two reasons. First, you have no job or school related responsibilities. Second, you have plenty of time ahead of you.

The downside is you may fall out of step with some of your friends or family (and I am not talking here about leaving your spouse and kids home, I would never suggest that). You may start university or enter the job market after them, or interrupt your climb up the corporate ladder. But corporate ladder can wait. While you may miss some opportunities while you are living some amazing and life-changing experiences, you will without a doubt find new possibilities. It may even change the direction of your life, in a better way.

Money is surely an issue here. You will have to raise enough money to at least cover a part of your trip, if you ever decide to work abroad to finance the other part of your RTW trip. A plan is a sure way to achieve your goal. Don’t let the amount of money you need to discourage you from planning your around the world trip. If you really want to live this once-in-a-lifetime adventure, nothing can come in your way. Just like you need a map to go somewhere new, you need planning to take you around the world!

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  • Clinton Cornell

    Great article! Its one Of my dreams to travel the world!

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