Who wants to get bitten by a shark?

No one, right? But how can we be safe, when we don’t always know when they are around?


The answer: Sharkbanz.

sharkbanzSharkbanz is the newest and easiest way to stay safe while swimming, surfing, snorkelling and diving. Designed with the help of scientists, this bracelet is designed to prevent the most common hit and run attacks from the majority of shark species found in shallow coastal waters around the world.

Most shark attacks happen in murky, shallow waters off the coast, where there are many swimmers. In this environment, sharks rely on their electro-receptors instead of their eyes to “see” what’s around them. They possess the most sensitive electromagnetic sense of all known animals, and use it to judge distance, shape, and even the heart rate of other animals near them. Most often, sharks are doing their own thing and leave people alone. But sometimes not. Counting only on its electro-receptors, a curious shark can bite a person or animal just to know what he or she is. These “hit and run” attacks are the most common type.

This bracelet uses special patented magnetic technology to deter sharks from attacking people. As the shark approaches a person wearing Sharkbanz, magnetic waves coming from the band disrupt its electro-receptors and it quickly turns away. Once a shark comes near the band, it frequently leaves the area and does not return. The effect is amplified if many people in a group of swimmers or surfers are wearing them, or if you were a dozen of them!


Photo credit: Sharkbanz

Sharkbanz use no chemicals, batteries, or electricity to deter sharks, ensuring simplicity in use, storage, and durability. Just attach it to your wrist or ankle when you arrive at the beach and let your fear disappear!

Please note that there is no 100% guarantee against an encounter, even though the risk is significantly reduced by wearing the bracelet. There’s a fine line between bravery and stupidity, so please don’t cross it by provoking this wild animal to test this technology yourself.


Also, it is suitable for children over 5 years, adults, and amazingly handsome surfers (like this one below… yes, this is Chris Hemsworth!), and it is working up to 200 meters deep.

Photo credit: Just Jared

What are you waiting for? Now please get your own Sharkbanz here, and stay safe!!


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