There’s nothing more romantic than sleeping under the stars… romantic, but privacy can be an issue here!

Why not sleeping under the stars AND have all the privacy you need to have a romantic night?

With Attrap Reves (Catching Dreams in English), you can have both! With their 5 locations in France, you can choose the kind of bubble you want to sleep in: Suite Chic & Design, 1001 Love Nights, Zen, Glamour or Love Nature. The Zen and Love Nature bubbles are the ones that offer no privacy, but the outdoor experience is even more amazing!

And to book a night is not even expensive: you can have your own bubble with a bubble-bathroom, and a breakfast à la française from 109€!

I definitely want to try it!! The only thing: only child older than 6 years old are accepted here… so I will have to wait 5 years before I can sleep under the stars with my loving husband and my little girl who won’t be so little anymore!

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