Bali is one of THE places to be in Southeast Asia. It is like the Mallorca of Australia. Many tourists and travelers come to Bali every year to experience the true beauty of nature and get to know the local lifestyle.

But not a lot of people ever go to the south of Bali. The southern part of the island is one of the most beautiful ones. Especially the southwest is where you find the best spots. Best surfing conditions, finest sand beaches, old temples and a great nightlife are what attracts backpackers from all over the world, who want to stay away from the exaggerated hubbub of the rest of the island.

Padang Padang

One of the best places you can find in the south of Bali is a hidden Bay called Padang Padang. It is known to Southern Bali: Padang Padangbe one of the best surf spots in Bali and maybe even in whole Indonesia. Some surfers say the wave you find there is one of the prettiest ever and, because of the upstream coral reef you get a perfectly formed wave, which attracts many people from all over the world.

Besides that, Padang Padang has a stunning beach with fine white sand at the end of a bay with massive 50 meter high cliffs around it. You immediately get the feeling of complete secludedness. And the sunset… not from this world!

When the sun goes down on the left side right next to the cliffs while the surfers try to catch the last good waves of the day, then every person gets out their camera to capture this magical moment.


Almost every traveler or tourist thinks that you find the best parties of Bali in Kuta/ Denpasar because it is known as the party center of the island. But there are way better ones in the south of Bali. Beach parties, where you get a pure feeling of freedom and feel way more relaxed than in the buzzing city of Kuta.Southern Bali: Uluwatu

Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday you can go a cool two level bar, which is located right on a cliff with a 180-degree view near the Uluwatu temple or dance your ass off at reggae parties with 200 – 300 other people from all over the world at Padang Padang.

Dancing in the sand while listening to Bob Marley or talking to complete strangers while watching a magnificent sunset on the edge of a massive cliff, which gives you the feeling like you are at the end of the world… both absolutely great spots to just have a good time.

Temple time

Many people like to go to the center of Bali to see all the temples in the jungle, which is a very cool experience. But the best temple out of all can only be found in the south of Bali. It’s called Uluwatu.

This magical place is epic. Before you get in, you get a scarf as a symbol of honor to the local gods. In the temple, you will witness the most awesome views ever. The sunset at Uluwatu is one of the best ones on the whole island. You see sets of big waves coming in while the last sunbeams of the day reflect on the ocean. Here and there you spot some surfers, who try to catch one of the beautiful waves.Southern Bali: Monkeys at Uluwatu

You will be surrounded by cheeky monkeys, which try to steal your valuables. Walking along the walls next to the huge cliffs will give you an awesome feeling of joy.

A big highlight to see is the enormous sandstone cliff wall at the end of the temple, which just looks absolutely impressive.

Best food on the island

The southern part of Bali apparently has the best food on the island. You will find many good places to eat in Bali, but the south is one of a kind. Especially the seafood is just amazing. Many people claim this to be one of the best for seafood dishes. and make sure to try out the small restaurants. They come up with some cool creations you have never seen before.Southern Bali: Best food on the island

Some recommended places to go to are the Kisik Bar and Grill as well as the DAVA Steak & Seafood restaurant. If you drive a long the coast towards Padang Padang and Uluwatu, you will eventually pass by these two restaurants. Make sure to stop!

Peace and harmony

The most fascinating thing in the south of Bali is the fact, that it seems completely peaceful and harmonious. No one is in a rush, everyone is friendly and all the people come at you with a positive vibe. It is way different to all the busier parts of the island and a great insider tip.

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