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Do you want to find airfare at almost half the price? Or do you want to add a destination to your trip? Here’s a new way I found to make you save money!

I will explain the technique with an example.

The other day, I saw a deal from Los Angeles to Nadi, Fiji or Auckland, New Zealand for $765. Interesting! I tested what would be the price from my hometown, Quebec City. There was no deal from Quebec City.

New Zealand

On Hopper, they said that the best price for airfare from Quebec City to Auckland or Nadi is under $2287. Ok, so now I know what’s a deal or not.

I looked for a flight from Quebec City to Los Angeles, days before and after the deal to Fiji, and it was at $518 return. So if I would buy a return flight from Quebec City to Los Angeles at $518, plus a return flight from Los Angeles to Auckland or Nadi at $765, that would sum up to $1283! Yes, $1004 cheaper than the best price I could find according to Hopper!!

Then, I checked with my super travel agent booking websites, and looked if I could stay longer at Nadi (because there was a stopover to Nadi on our way to Auckland). It would cost me $100 to extend to a week or maybe even more my stopover in Fiji.

So, it would cost me a total of $1383 to travel from Quebec City, visit Los Angeles, stay a week or more in Fiji, then head to Auckland in New Zealand, spend a couple of weeks in Lord of the Rings’ land, and come back home. What more can I say?? It’s a total bargain!!

The only problem was: I wasn’t quick enough to buy it! I saw the deal on Tuesday afternoon, June 30th, and by Wednesday morning, the deal was gone. Yes, gone 🙁


What do we learn from this?

First, when you see an amazing deal to a destination you would like to visit, even if it’s not from your city’s airport, look more into it. Test some routes and dates. Think outside the box. I could have gone to Fiji AND New Zealand at a bargain price, only because I could use a little bit of imagination.

Second, please book fast! Don’t make the same mistake I did. This would have been an amazing trip! The world is big, but it can also be small if you dare to look at all the possibilities ahead of you.

Did you ever find super cheap airfare using this method?

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  • Clinton Cornell

    We should have booked that flight in an instant!

  • Joyce

    I am interest in traveling to Cuba. Please send information on the best places to live, work and shop.
    Also, the best inexpensive air flight.

    Thanks for your time and attention .

    • Dominique Lessard

      Hello Joy,
      Where are you traveling from and how long will you stay in Cuba? Are you traveling there only for work or also for visiting?

  • Christine

    Ok so am shopping for our plane tickets to Peru right now
    And we want to go for approx 1 month
    We are flexible in dates and times and locations to depart from
    So any recommendations where to look??

    • Dominique Lessard

      Hi Christine! You have a great trip coming up! What I suggest, is that you test dates and departure locations with Google Flights. Yes, it is a lot of manual labor, but you can find good deals on it. Using the “Explore Destinations” option on Google Flights (, you can see the average cost of a return flight to Peru, and then test with different dates.

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