The Mavic Air: Best Drone for Family Travel

Do you wish you could easily capture unforgettable footage of your family adventures while you travel, in a way that is still very unique and special?

We tested the DJI Mavic Air, and it is indeed the best drone for family travel. Here’s the footage that we shot with our Mavic Air on a road trip in the Dominican Republic:


As a first time user of a drone, it can be pretty intimidating to learn to fly it and having control over an object going as fast as 68 kph. In this sense, it was very reassuring having Marc-Olivier Bleau, the manager of the Quebec City’s DJI branch, taking a full hour to explain to us in details the basics of our drone and answering our strangest questions. I remember being so impressed by all the different technologies included in this little marvel of technology.

Another very reassuring element of being a first-time drone user is the warranty offered by DJI that covers the entirety of the drone as long as you can find it and bring it back for analysis. We weren’t sure at first if we should buy this warranty, and we haven’t used it yet, but as all drone experts say: the question isn’t IF you will crash your drone, it’s WHEN. Moreover, compared to the value of our drone, it wasn’t even a question to buy this very affordable warranty.

As a very cautious person myself, I was pretty nervous on my first flight. That’s why I took the time to review carefully the documentation that came with the drone. Everything was so well explained that I was fairly confident I wouldn’t crash it when I took my first flight.

And after viewing this next video, it made me feel even more secure: my Mavic Air drone can survive almost anything!


Still, to make it take off, hover a few meters and to land it felt like an accomplishment. The excitement you get from flying this object is pretty unique and I felt like a little kid with the coolest toy ever. I was surprised how quickly I gain confidence with it.

Within a few flights, I felt like I already knew what I was doing and had some control over it. Of course, becoming a good pilot requires lots of practice, but for me, it was more like having fun than anything else. This amazing drone also has a built-in vision sensing system that prevents many human errors and helps to have a safe flight.

For me, even when I’m working on a client’s project to create beautiful imagery, shooting incredible images with this best drone for family travel feels as far away from working as it can be.

Mavic Air Fly More Combo (Arctic White)

I must say that what I really, really love about this drone is the different flight automation pre-programmed to assist you in creating professional images within your very fists flights.

It’s incredible to be able to produce such high-quality videos once you start using this automation. For example, there are 3 different modes of tracking that you can use to automatically track a moving target. These functions help to create a smooth image which could be very tricky for a beginner like myself.

Also, the QuickShots automated selfie videos are also incredible to quickly create the most amazing shots you’ll ever have.

The Mavic Air Fly More Combo came with 3 batteries (2 additional) and a special adapter to easily recharge in a single operation as much as 4 batteries in a matter of minutes. With these 3 batteries lasting a maximum of 21 minutes each, we would have plenty of time to shoot what we wanted without having to recharge the batteries in between. When you are on the road like we often do during our trips, this was a very interesting feature.

For a traveling family as ourselves, always on the move and very active, everything we bring with us is carefully thought of and this matter was a big issue when we first thought of adding a drone to our traveling equipment. Our preconceived opinion of a drone was that you needed a big suitcase just for your drone and that it would weight a tone to carry around. That couldn’t be more wrong with our lightweight and ultra-compact Mavic Air drone: it only weighs 430 g and fits in the palm of my hand.

DJI Mavic Air: Best drone for family travel

With its foldable arms, everything we need, including batteries, remote controller, charging unit and the drone itself fits in a very small case that we can easily bring with us anywhere we are going!

Finally but not the least, we just couldn’t believe how smooth and precise videos and pictures we could shoot with its 3-axis and 4K camera.

You feel like you’re a professional videographer and in fact, you really are producing professional-looking videos! This best drone for family travel makes something that is supposed to be very complicated and hard to shoot so easy and stress-free!

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