Most of us travel during the holiday season. Or we wish we could travel! The holiday season is the year’s most expensive period: we spend a lot of money, and it’s not always at a bargain price. It’s the same with plane tickets: prices rise a lot for the holiday season. It’s a question of offer and demand. So the goal is to buy before everyone else buys. That means, you have to buy soon.

Orbitz recently published its Holiday Insider Index, so we now know that travelers can expect to get the best deals on airfare for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve during the week of Oct. 5 to Oct. 12.

best holiday airfare

What do we learn from this Index?

First, if you want to travel for Thanksgiving, now is the time to buy. Orbitz explains that last year, many people booked their Thanksgiving Day airfare by September 20. This caused a spike in prices, so by mid-October, you can expect that airfare will be more expensive.

When it comes to Christmas fares, you don’t have much time left either. But if booking now is too early for you, you can still have a good deal on November 6th and 7th.

Finally, if you want to travel for New Year’s Eve, you still have a couple of days throughout October, November and even in the beginning of December to book your airfare. But don’t wait too much, because if everyone follows this Index and book in advance, the prices will go up.

One last thing! To book at a good price, you have to know what a good price is! I recommend you take a look at The Brand New Way to Find the Very Best Airfare Deals to save even more money!

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