Ultimate Hotels for families in Las Terrenas

Family vacations are so easy and fun, right?

Not for everyone, and sometimes we settle on a choice that makes it or breaks it.

If you are traveling to the stunning town of Las Terrenas, located close to Samana in The Dominican Republic, your sleeping options are plenty. Still, some hotels offer extra amenities, a welcoming environment, heavenly settings and essentially a home away from home.

Choosing one of these hand-picked and tested hotels will bring your family’s comfort and well-being to a level where you’ll even wonder why you would want to go back home.

On our road trip around the Dominican Republic, we stayed at some of the best accommodations available, and here are the best hotels for families in Las Terrenas.

The Puerto Plaza Hotel

Are you looking for a fancy and luxurious your-friends-will-be-so-jealous hotel to stay in Las Terrenas? The brand new Puerto Plaza Hotel overwhelmingly amazed us.


Designed as a cruise ship, the unique Puerto Plaza Hotel offers very spacious and luxurious apartments that real cruising ships can only envy. I was thrilled to find in our very bright and modern apartment a fully furnished kitchen and a large dining table, as well as a roomy living room, all located on the ground floor and in an open area.


Away from the family noise and action are the 2 very large bedrooms and 2 en-suite bathrooms. The contemporary decor blends perfectly with the nautical theme of the cozy relaxing suites. Each bedroom has floor to ceiling patio doors that gave us access to the prettiest balcony and, lucky for us, a boat-shaped hot tub.  The view from the terrace, overlooking the aqua pool, the comfy lounge area, the sassy bar as well as the turquoise crystal clear ocean and soaring palm trees, took our breath away.


We could find on the Puerto Plaza’s first floor cute little shops that provided all necessities that we missed from home, along with the loveliest coffee shop that offers yummy breakfast, treats and of course hot unctuous beverages. The location of the anchored modern hotel is strategically close to Las Terrenas’ restaurants, shops, and tourist venues, yet it remains a very peaceful and quiet place to relax and unwind with our loved ones.


Honestly, the Puerto Plaza Hotel is one of the best hotels for families in the world! And we have quite traveled yet… so take our words for it: you will be charmed by this unique and upscale, yet affordable and aww so comfortable haven.

You can enjoy an apartment at The Puerto Plaza Hotel starting at $130 per night.

Hotel Alisei and Spa

So how about Hotel Alisei? If the Puerto Plaza Hotel is so perfect, why would you choose the Hotel Alisei as your accommodation in Las Terrenas?

The Hotel Alisei and Spa offers a different experience than the Puerto Plaza Hotel, yet it was as much of an astonishing retreat for our young family.

As you can see in the photos below, Hotel Alisei’s grounds are heavenly. We particularly enjoyed swaying in a hammock on our own private balcony, gazing at the swaying palm trees, the golden soft sand beach and listening to the serene sound of the rolling waves.


Surrounded by lush nature, all suites face a vast pool designed to please all ages, with a kids’ corner where Emma-Kate could freely jump and splash, and a fun pool bar where adults can chill and enjoy exotic drinks.


For families, the Hotel Alisei is truly a pleasant place to spend days and nights. From the safe enclosure where we could observe the cutest little rabbits, to the serene Spa that offers massages, health and beauty treatments, this hotel is truly one of the best hotels for families in Las Terrenas.


We were delighted to stay in a thoughtful local decor inspired, fully furnished apartment with a kitchen, dining room and again 2 spacious bedrooms and 2 en-suite bathrooms. The Hotel Alisei was truly a safe hideaway where our family totally enjoyed the grounds and amenities to the fullest, and honestly, we had such a blast!


Moreover, we had the chance to savor delicious breakfast at the welcoming Baraonda Restaurant, which was included in the affordable price of our luxurious stay.

You can enjoy a heavenly vacation at The Hotel Alisei at only $103 per night.

The best hotels for families in Las Terrenas

Sincerely, I think you can either choose the Puerto Plaza Hotel or the Hotel Alisei and Spa, and you will be truly happy with your choice. My only advice to you if you are hesitating would be to choose according to your favorite decor: contemporary at the Puerto Plaza Hotel or Caribbean-style at the Hotel Alisei. Very different from one another, yet both peaceful, aww so gorgeous, very comfortable and fun places to stay, these two resorts are honestly the best hotels for families in Las Terrenas.


We Want To Thank The Puerto Plaza Hotel and The Hotel Alisei For Hosting Us During Our Family Adventure In Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic. They Didn’t Ask Me To Write A Positive Review. All Opinions Are Truly My Own.
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